The Windows Are Dirty

I was looking out the window this morning and I noticed how everything was smudged, dirty and marked up. The day looked dreary and cloudy but then I walked out my front door.

I saw a beautiful blue sky with a nice fluffy white clouds. There was a nice cool breeze and the sun was shining. It was that moment I realized that our windows are very, very dirty!
It occurred to me to let my eyes tend to be the same way. All is beautiful, the children are happy and joyous, our house shows signs of living and learning and creating and yet what I see is so very different sometimes.
So we need to clean our windows. Often. On those days when my kids are too loud, and they sure are lowered, I need to clean my windows. I need to see the joy that they are so full of all. I need to see the excitement and the beauty in The enthusiasm that they have for every moment of the day.
My husband recently interviewed for a job that he is wanted within his company for as long as he’s been working there. He found out yesterday that he didn’t get the job. I admitted I was a bit angry, here he was given the opportunity to interview and then told he did a fabulous job too, only for him to find out later but he never really had a chance of getting this particular position anyway. I guess at least they were playing nice. But it seems kind of unfair at the time he was telling me about this. Yet with my windows clean I can see that the opportunity to have the Centerview alone open the eyes of many within his company to how much more he could be doing for them.

Our house is a mess. Do I share that very often? If I don’t we have a beautiful home, it’s a work in progress for that we have lovingly and painstakingly and very slowly been remodeling since we moved in. My kids love to build and they love to do arts and crafts. They’re so very creative and it’s amazing how they can see something like a cardboard box different opportunities for fun! I forget how precious that is sometimes. When all I see our countertops overflowing with markers and crayons, glue and scotch tape, little piece of paper and cardboard all over the floor. They are creating, they are learning and they are growing together.
It’s time to wash those windows. It’s time for us to have a fresh perspective and to see clearly in all situations and in all seasons.
I have to say I often think of the proverbs 31 woman and it makes me feel so in adequate. So unworthy. And then I remember that her lifetime was recorded, those words showed the seasons of her life as she lived with them. It was not one specific time.
And I need not feel ill equipped because God right where he wants me to be to do his work. In the home and in my neighborhood and community my hands are his, my mouth is meant to share his truth, this blog is to share his glory and his goodness.
I plan to be in far more intentional and regular about washing the windows in the house after today. It may seem silly but I think when we wake up in the morning and look on our window, are clean shiny window, we see and think beauty right away. We see God and his creation all around us and maybe, just maybe, this will help us to truly rejoice in the day that the Lord has made!


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