Stinky Kid Math ~ A Schoolhouse Review

This year along we have been so very blessed to review a few different math products.  With three kids ranging in age from 4 years old to soon to be 10 – from lover of mathematics to reluctant learner, this has been a joy for all our family 🙂  The most recent blessing came in the guise of Stinky Kid Math from the company by the same name, Stinky Kid Math. I received a six month subscription for up to three children for all material on their site. Can I say how much my boys LOVE the name alone? ha-ha


Stinky Kid Math Logo


Stinky Kid Math is an online math product designed to help children to master mathematical concepts such as pre-algebra, algebra and geometry. The goal is to make these math topics more easily accessible and simpler to understand. Can we say, learning to love math?


This program consists of online videos which you can steam and watch at your own convenience. There are also plenty of printable worksheets to practice the concepts learned in each lesson and there are some great games too!


I love how with Stinky Kid Math, we don’t learn just how it all works, but why it matters. I truly believe this makes all the difference in learning, and loving, mathematics. For my oldest to see how it works is one thing; for him to learn why it matters, gives it a greater purpose to his life.  We learn what it means!

My oldest can sit and watch vides for hours, if we let him. These videos are like a personal math tutor, just for him. They are short which makes them easy to follow. Even for my son, with his very short attention span. Following the video there are worksheets and games to help reinforce what was just learned. There is also a great big colorful book which you can print out to use along side the program.  It contains everything that you learn!


Since my son has not even begun to learn any of this math, we started out in the foundational tabs. There were twelve lessons for us to choose from and so we started at the very beginning with Properties of Algebra. In this section we learned all about the commutative, associative, and distributive properties through short and simple videos. The longest was maybe 4-5 minutes. This helped my son to be able to maintain focus; he also mentioned that these were “kind of fun” and “not that boring for math.”



Math-A-Mole was perhaps his favorite game to play; he started golf classes this summer and so anything involving golf gets him excited right now. He had a blast (his younger brother too) trying to keep moles off the golf course and at the same time do some graphing off points. Then there was the Geometry Playground; a fun time playing with shapes and their properties while making them shrink and grow and pulling and pushing them about.  Endless fun.  The there favorite was the Shifter game; I loved how it helped them practice problem solving (critical thinking) while also strengthening skills in everything from colors and shapes, to decimals and fractions and percentages.



This is really, one of the easiest programs to use, we have ever encountered ~ Each area is divided into smaller, simpler size portions. It was awesome too how the worksheets and the videos each reinforced the concepts learned, but in different ways too. My son is now becoming fond of long division (something we had not attempted prior to Stinky Kid Math) and is beginning to see how a strong foundation (addition, subtraction, multiplication, division) can only benefit him in the long run. He is finally beginning to see the relationship of one to another.



I myself love how simply this is all put together. As one who is anything BUT a mathematical genius (or even slightly good at math) this really does make much of the “complex” mathematics, so much clearer. If you don’t even know what Algebra and Geometry are, you will have a film understanding of them when you have completed this program. And a new appreciation for math as well.  Do the lessons in whatever order you like, so you can strengthen weaker areas or just start at the very beginning like we did.
They provide a complete list of the videos in their suggested order (which is what we are following) but the books and worksheets can be done in whatever order you like.  Or ignore them; we chose to print and bind them as we go along. For future reference 🙂

Stinky Kid Math is accessible for computers and tablets, and requires an internet connection.  You can sign up for Stinky Kid Math right now for only $9.99/month; that includes everything. Video lessons, math books and worksheets, games ~ You can even get one month for free!


Although this was quite a bit advanced for my soon to be 10 year old son, he did enjoy Stinky Kid Math and I think we are going to continue to use it together. I do believe I learned quite a bit myself as well, as we navigated through this program.  As someone who has always despised math, I find myself excited with this program. We are slowly working our way through this one and I can see the benefits for certain! If you are looking for a math program that is fun and keeps it simple, this is certainly it. 🙂




Stinky Kid Math Review
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