Super Teacher Worksheets ~ A Schoolhouse Review ~


Lately I think we have been more “unschooled” in our home!  Perhaps its teething, maybe its just a super clingy stage my baby is going through but good sleep doesn’t come around often lately and planning and preparation time is even less frequent right now.  So I was so grateful, feeling God answering a prayer, when my children and I were given the chance to review Super Teacher Worksheets site! There are over 10,000 worksheets to use for every age and need. And with the Individual Membership we were given access to their entire site!  Super happy momma! 🙂 🙂 🙂



Super Teacher Worksheets has so much more tan you could imagine. Seriously!  It was not hard for me to meet the needs of each of my three little students, on this one site.  And every day was exciting too!


  • card games
  • mazes
  • reading/comprehension
  • mathematics
  • science
  • coloring pages
  • quizzes
  • mini-books
  • handwriting
  • map skills


I could go on …. There are worksheets for seasons and holidays holidays; there are every subject imaginable.  From preschool all the way through middle school (although there are less of those) all the worksheets are nicely organized by subject area, concept and theme.  Its super easy to find just what we need every time. You can also search by topic (or CCCS standard) to make it extra user friendly.  It also makes it a powerful tool for a home educator as you can look for worksheets, learning tools, and games in almost every subject that an elementary aged child would ever need.They even have generators where you can make your own worksheets.  Since my kids are learning Spanish too, its a really neat benefit that a number of the worksheets have this option– just click on the language and it’s translated for you! How awesome is that? Seriously this is a treasure trove for any home educator! ❤




For my younger two (who are 4 and 6) we began using Super Teacher Worksheets by working on their alphabet, with these great printables that we will bind up to make an alphabet book. The worksheets are so cute; lots of fun activities to help them along in learning their letters.


We are using quite a number of their phonics worksheets with my 6 year old son, since he is beginning to read and write. We really liked printing out the mini-books for him to read and color in (he loved creating these books, as did my daughter). lol  He loves math right now too so the endless supply of worksheets was awesome. I think we are using every one of them from addition to telling time; he found these to be lots of fun especially when he got to color them at the end!



With my daughter (who is 4), we spent a lot of time on very basic skills (letters and numbers) and she just loved all of the activities here: making a scarecrow, cut color and glue, counting and even some basic reading with the mini-books 🙂  She was thrilled too that each time she mastered something there was a lovely little certificates for her to celebrate her progress with!



As for my oldest son (almost 10) he spent most of his time working on math, science, and reading comprehension. He loves history (I wish they had more of that on this site!) He delved into some geometry even (he got a taste of that from another math program we were so blessed to review recently!) He did lots of the puzzles and enjoyed the Lost in the USA to help him along as we have been working through the states. I think he really liked the fact too that he could choose what he worked on each day. It really gave him a sense of independence being able to decide what to use each day (plus they made so many of the worksheets so FUN – division and multiplication, fractions, and reading/writing with a hamburger, to help organize their ideas). He recently found and just has a blast creating his own word searches, fill-in-the blanks, crossword puzzles; he even makes some math worksheets for practice now and then.



We will definitely be continuing to use this site! Be sure to check out Super Teacher Worksheets. There is so much that I just LOVE about this site! And I almost forgot to mention the File Cabinet. You can store all of your worksheets here; if you don’t want to print them all out right away. I love being able to store them to use again later, with a different kiddo or even just to repeat if its an area someone is struggling in.  I just click on the little icon and the worksheet goes right into my cabinet. I do so appreciate anything that makes our home education a bit easier for me!



An annual membership to this website (which has thousands of worksheets in a huge variety of subjects) is only $19.95. How can you not love that? And I think I have only just scratched the surface; there is so much more for us to find and do on this amazing site! No matter how you do your homeschool this can be a blessing to you in so many ways!


Super Teacher Worksheets Review

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