Can’t Hear You

Have you ever had one of those experiences where, when you were looking back, you see so much more in the moment than you did at the time?



Well that was me this morning. The other day this little lady stopped by our house to inquire about somebody but we’re sitting by the road. I put them there. But she didn’t know it and rather than taking them she wanted to make sure that she couldn’t first.
I explained to her how my six-year-old son and my four-year-old daughter both learned how to ride to wheelers this summer. So they just didn’t need those bikes anymore, by the curb.

She began telling me about a family that she knew, their kids didn’t have any bikes. They barely had any toys. In fact when she met them she made a point of getting beds for these children because there were none in their home. Her story reminded me of so many families that I worked with so long ago, when I was a social worker in the inner-city.
I wanted to have her wait while I clean house and sent boxes of toys and clothes for this family. But I didn’t do that. Instead we loaded up the bikes and she left.

This morning I prayed the prayer I try to most days. Asking God to direct my steps, asking that any who are hungry would come my way. “Here I am Lord, send me.”  Every day I ask that the words I speak would show people that light and give them a taste of that salt.
As I prayed this instantly I remembered this moment and that conversation from the other day.


I remembered and I wondered (maybe I beat myself up a bit too for it) why didn’t I tell her about Jesus? I should’ve invited her to church. I should’ve encouraged her to bring this family with her.  Why did I not share with her the sweet, sweet presence that is there?  All the bikes and toys in the world are nothing compared to knowing the truth that sets you free.

Of this moment, this brief interaction, it reminded me of how important our witness is. Wherever we go and whatever we do people are watching. What do they see and what do they hear?

And then I remembered those wise words I heard spoken to Pastor the other day. Such truth in them. We don’t need to tell them about our church, we need to talk about our God.
When was the last time I testified of anything? When was the last time I shared with someone the great things that God is doing in my life?

I simply must share the goodness of God more and more!


I must tell you how amazing it was for my nine-year-old son to go away to camp and come back having had the experience of speaking in tongue as the evidence of being filled with the Holy Ghost.


I need to share how I showed up in church and could barely stand because of the pain in my back, yet woke up the next morning feeling so refreshed and new.

And people need to hear these things. They need to know that God is involved in every thing big and small in our life. They need to see that those miracles and signs and wonders have not ceased. They are all around us. Miraculous healing, people being delivered of addiction and depression, alcoholics and drug addicts cured, people made new.

That’s what my God does every day. There is nothing new, for He never changes.

That is the power of God when we worship him in every situation.


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