It’s Not Me Its You

We have been hosting foreign-exchange students and her family on and off for a couple years now.

We have a lovely daughters and one son around the world. France, Spain, Brazil, China.
We have always enjoyed the opportunity to learn and experience another part of the world, at home with our kids. And often this is been a great addition to our Homeschool.
In the last two years we had one boy and one girl from China we hosted and this launched my oldest son’s desire to learn Chinese. Both written and spoken forms.

This year we have been hosting young lady from Norway. We were hesitant to do so since our brand-new baby girl came along at the end of April but seeing a student that wrote of the love of God as she did made us jump at the opportunity.
In the past we have hosted students who really did not know that hard and if it hasn’t been just amazing to watch every one of them learn of him and come to love him. Only a few weeks into this year and we see a big difference between all of our past students and this one with us right now.
She is a sweet and quiet girl. She is not really reached out to anyone since she has been here. I’m like students we have hosted in the weeks she has been here she has not gone out or hung out with any of the youth she has much in the church or the school she attends. She doesn’t really play with her daughter who is four, no games or time doing each others hair, no ponies or tea parties. I think she is gone bike riding once or twice with my oldest son but aside from that she keeps to her self.
We are not sure what to do with her. Her discomfort is very obvious. We struggle a bit with feeling deceived as she will have regular conversation with us and say that it takes time to adjust but then speak with her program representative and tell her something very different. I remind myself again and again that many claim Christ. I don’t say this to belittle her mock her but to remind myself that there are many who have been deceived and cannot truly know our Lord.
I do not think she will stay with us for the full year but we are trying to show her as much as we can Christ in us and in our home. I am sure we have failed in someway is. As I have said before I am without a doubt perfectly imperfect. I tend to speak when I should be silent and to say things that perhaps I ought to just think.
Often the students come up with such grand ideas as to what life will be like in this country. In their year here. They have so many amazing notions that I fear, especially for students who end up in our home, their idea is far from reality.
And so right now I struggle to maintain peace in my home and to a sure my children have their wonderful little ones regardless of how this girl may feel about them. I seek the Lord’s wisdom and comfort as I survived to remember that she too is only child. Of course she thinks only of herself and her desires and her comfort. She’s a child with much to learn about life and about Christ.

I pray that his will will be done in my life and in her life, in our family and our home. I cannot say I forgive any of her selfish behavior because truly we only do what we know and when we do not know that there is any wrong to our actions how can we possibly be sorry?  Yet I will not be bitter.
Are broken vacuum cleaner, it’s very expensive bicycle and lock stolen when she did not lock it up or put it away. These are things that do not matter. Certainly they had value and purpose in our life but not more than life and the relationship that we were trying to build.
I accept the fact that one cannot build a relationship and be family with someone who does not desire the same. And I count my blessing in all of the sons and daughters we have had through the years who have chosen to be a part of our home. 
Not everyone would like us, not everyone will love us. I remind myself and my children that we will continue to serve the Lord and part of serving him is to love others. No matter what. We may not always like them but we are commanded to love them.


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