Don’t say it

yesterday I sat through a very uncomfortable meeting. I had to meet with the program representative for our exchange student and listen to her issue her complaints about our family.

I have a very strong opinion about things, and it makes it really hard for me to keep my mouth shut. Especially when it comes to my family. And unwarranted attacks against us based upon our faith. It’s not that this hasn’t happened before,  Jesus even says that we will be persecuted for our faith. So I admit, I kind of just expect it.
I was amazed though to find that this girl who considered herself so strong and independent and strong in her face was so unsettled by ours. In our family we girls are skirt wearers. No pants for us. Never. The fact that she was offended we did not tell her to wear skirts and dresses amazed me. I absolutely believe that there is a power and a beauty but women cannot have without a skirt or a dress but it is never my place to tell them to do so. In our family we do sell because we have seen in The Scriptures a truth that gives us the desire to do this for God. What does anything mean if we do it because man told us to?
 It saddens me that this girl who so clearly was put in our home for a purpose, chose to run in the other direction rather than to embrace right where God put her and see what great thing he would do in her life.
I get it. Little kids can be very overwhelming. I cannot imagine how she was so overwhelmed with ours. My daughter only wanted to play ponies and Dalles and do each other’s hair, yet not once was she willing to do any of these things with her. And we chose to love her anyway. If very expensive bicycle that she uses was stolen because she did not lock it up but again we chose to show her love instead of worrying about an item that could be replaced. It saddens me it really does.
I hate to see those who I know God has called not answer his call. Especially in these days that are so dark, when we need more and more of Jesus in our lives, it’s sorrows me to meet people who feel that all they are is enough. I pray that you seeds were planted. How I pray that she got something positive out of her time with us. And how I pray that my family’s hearts will be healed from her on kindness.
I have never known anyone who could be so cold to small children who are so full of joy, yet I absolutely take comfort in the fact that God made away for her to come and he also made away from my family to be free from her bad decisions. How I wish sometimes we could make people see, make them here. But when we can’t let this cast back on to Jesus, for he is the only one who can change hearts and minds. 



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