Heroes of History: George Washington ~ A Schoolhouse Review

I know I have said this before, but I have to say again, we love our history. And we love to read. To be able to study history AND enjoy a good book is a great blessing in this momma’s eyes.  So when we were offered the chance to review George Washington: True Patriot from the Heroes of History series by YWAM Publishing, along with its Unit Study Curriculum Guide we jumped at it! And since my oldest just adores George Washington, this was a great way to encourage my reluctant reader too.




YWAM Publishing offers high quality Christian books focusing on the needs a desperate world; prayer, evangelism, education, missions and discipleship. They offer materials such as:

  • Hero Series
  • International Adventure Series
  • Homeschooling
  • Mission
  • Christian Living
  • Children & Teen
  • Music
  • Books in Other Languages

YWAM Publishing is a non-profit ministry of YWAM (Youth with a Mission), founded in 1960. YWAM is a large interdenominational Christian ministry located in nearly 900 locations in over 400 countries with a volunteer staff of 17,000 people.

YWAM Publishing began with printing tracks on one small printing press for a mission outreach at the 1970 Munich Olympic Games. Committed to producing and distributing books that encourage Christians to make a difference in the world, they continue to publish and distribute their own titles as well as over 2,000 books and videos from other sources, to individuals, churches, and bookstores around the world. Talk about taking the Gospel message to every nation! 🙂





The Christian Heroes: Then & Now series shares inspirational stories of real people with a heart for missions encouraging us, to answer God’s call when we hear it, as so many of these heroes of the faith have done.  Men and women like Amy Carmichael, C.S. Lewis, Jim Eliot, and more! There is also the Heroes of History series which focuses on people like Daniel Boone, Harriet Tubman Abraham Lincoln, and so many more!


The paperback books are available for $7.50 and the Unit Study Curriculum Guides are $5.49 (download) or $7.49 (a physical CD). The are moving towards downloadable only so not sure how long those CD”s will last 🙂


Can I just tell you how excited I was to see (on the day this arrived) my son walking through the kitchen, reading this book out loud. *happy dance* He does not like to read. When he does read its stuff that I consider *twaddle* myself.  Small amounts of this are allowed, in the hopes that it will inspire him to read more? Anyway seeing him reading this day after day – out loud – on his own without being asked to read some…It was awesome!!!!!!



The book, George Washington: True Patriot, is divided into 19 chapters. The unit study guide contains questions for each chapter, and these are rather thought provoking questions. Simple and short, while at the same time keeping the reader involved.  An excellent form of written narration, I think.  There are four questions for each chapter which cover topics ranging from:


  1. Vocabulary
  2. Factual Details
  3. Comprehension
  4. Opinion or interpretation. (Justification needed for response – this is awesome for my son who just started speech/debate too!)



Within the Unit Study Curriculum Guide there were activities such as:

  • Creative writing projects
  • Geography/Mapping
  • Timeline Activities
  • Movie Production
  • Creating Mosaics & Models
  • Line Cutting
  • Embroider Samplers
  • Making Candles
  • Games


There is also a great section on additional resources that can be quite handy to go along with this study!  This is something that will keep you busy!



We received a physical copy of George Washington: True Patriot (224 pages), this is also available as an audio book (either CD or MP3) and also as an e-book for the Nook and Kindle  No matter what your preference, they can hook you up!  The Unit Study Curriculum Guide was also a physical book (64 pages).

George Washington: True Patriot is a biography of our country’s first president. It begins with him as a child in the colonies and continues through his death. Did you know George Washington loved ice cream? I had no idea ice cream even existed at that time. These are such amazing and unique stories of his life.  Each one meant to share the lessons learned in the life he lived;  you see the virtuous and heroic man being formed as he lives his life.


The Unit Study Curriculum Guide (63 pages) which accompanies George Washington: True Patriot is simply amazing!  As if the book itself isn’t a wealth of information, using the unit study this easily becomes a full blown class o its own.  The study so many projects and writing assignments (more than my son who is 9 is ready for) to keep you busy for some time if you dare.  Without a doubt we will be coming back to this resource many times as a homeschool family. There is just so much to do and learn!



This has been such a wonderful experience for my oldest son; as I have said before he is a very reluctant reader. So seeing him eagerly reading and learning was so refreshing. I needed this as much as he did. Needless to say, biographies have a new place in our family.    We will certainly be using these much more in the years to come!



YWAM Publishing Review

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