Take Heed

I have to say it is never boring in our home. There is not one dull moment in this family.

This weekend was my birthday. We were planning for a nice relaxing and peaceful weekend, as much as it could be anywhere with four kids. ha ha

Instead this was when we found out that our exchange student has been struggling in our home. A lot. As she comes from a home that does not have little ones, we knew that this would be a big adjustment for her. At the same time whenever we spoke with her there was no mention of how hard it really was for her.
No we have hosted off and on for a couple years. Lovely exchange daughters from France and Spain in the summer, precious daughters from Jordan, Brazil, China. So we are used to there being a period of adjustment. And we know that we are far from the type family that they probably expect. How many dream of coming to live in a home where the family homeschools and is super involved in their faith? (We have found my that have loved and cherished this of course don’t get me wrong!).
So it was sad to hear this girl say that she just could not imagine spending the rest of her time in her year here with our family. We agreed to host her reluctantly, since our fourth daughter was just born in April. But she wrote of her love for the Lord, her desire to maintain a relationship with Christ while here for a school year. In the words she wrote it was so clear to me that this was a girl after His heart.  I ponder today who that girl is who wrote that letter. And who this girl is that we agreed to host.


And it reminded me that we must take heed always. We must seek the wisdom of the Lord in all things, we must be discerning.  This reminded me of how short our time really is. He says that hearts will be hardened, people run after the things of this world more than after the things of the Lord. That people will be deceived and led astray by false prophets.

We want our calling and our election to be sure. We want to know that without a doubt we are saved, sanctified, Holy Ghost filled and water baptized in Jesus name, children of God.

How can we know that though when we run from the very places that He puts us?
I have seen girls like this one before. Our daughter from Brazil, how she struggled and fought in her time with us. You could see the war with her (Spirit and flesh in such a constant struggle).

The Lord calls, and it up to us to answer. I guess this reminds me that often His  Will is different from our own and whether or not we truly serve the Lord shows in whether or not we follow Him when we are outside of our comfort zone.

Her will. His will. When we love the Lord with all our hearts these two become one and however hard it may be we trust and we follow.

I am praying for this girl today. Amidst the hurt in our family. Amidst the deception and destruction. I am praying that at least the seed has been planted, that perhaps redemption shall yet come her way.


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