What Did He Say??

I am sure I am not the only mom to have one of these moments. I like to think that I do the best I can to keep my son from those things which have a negative influence but truthfully in the world today how is it possible to keep them from everything? All the time?

The other day while my son was outside riding his rip stick I heard it. He was trying to teach himself how to ride and getting rather frustrated. After several failed attempts I heard it. He cursed. Twice.
What do you do when you hear your son say those words?
In my mind I am immediately tried to scan my memory in case those were words that I said at some point? Or maybe his father? After all before Jesus is neither one of us had a very clean mouth. And as much as it pains me to admit there are times these words feel honored by one of us Jesus help us.
This also occurs after a weekend spent with my son’s grandparents and great grandparents. And as much as we love Great Grandpa he doesn’t always have the cleanest language. Sometimes when we’re with them I shudder at the number of times I hear him say certain words. And while there was a time when my oldest son would correct him for saying those words, In an attempt to teach respect of elders, it’s a fine line for us and him.
It’s been a long time since I have really used any language that was so foul. And it pains me today to hear those words whether it’s on a television show or coming out of the mouth of someone near to me. It also reminds me of the many reasons that I choose to keep my children close to my side.
No matter how we try to shelter them there will always be challenges.  There will be struggles we must face. The world is so much different today than it was when I was a child; things are so much harder. The things that are considered acceptable, are amazing to me.The decline of a moral society. There’s no longer any right and wrong.  
I want my children to grow up knowing that there is a right way and a wrong way in life. I know so many people today see that as a bad thing but I simply cannot allow my children to grow up thinking that whatever they want is okay when it’s not.  We have forgotten as a people that the world is so much bigger than just us.
I read an amazing article sometime ago that spoke of how easy it is for our children to leave the faith when they grow up spending more time outside of it. We all talk about being the body, being of one mind and one accord, yet how often do we live that?
I remind myself every time I see a child do something naughty or hear someone say something unkind. No matter how we try his parents there are influences outside of us and we need to remember that. We need to come alongside one another instead of blaming each other. I know it’s so much easier for us to point finger and shame but that’s only because we have forgotten that the world is bigger than just us.
I remind myself often but children do what they see. We are there examples. Others in the family and the church are there examples. We need to be wise. Yet we also need to teach them kindness. Sure when I find that my children being in someone’s company changes their language and their behavior, those are people we tend to spend less time with. When they see something on TV that causes them to become mean-spirited, we shall not set that before our eyes any longer. It is not wrong to separate ourselves from people and things that have the wrong influence upon us and our children. 
My oldest son said a curse word. I hope that anyone who hears that will not judge me as a parent but come to me with love to help my son learn from his error and not repeat it again. I pray but rather then someone thinking I am a mother with a dirty mouth but perhaps they too will understand how challenging it is to keep these things which so many see as acceptable today, away from my children years.  Let us all be patient, mindful as we train up our children for the Lord. 


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