When Wishing is a Bad Word

We’ve really been dealing with words a lot as of late.

We have been studying and talking more about the things we say. And the words we use.
The Bible says that there is great power in the tongue for life and for death.
Whether we like it or not every word that we utter matters. 
 I shutter sometimes to think of the things that I say to my children on those days. You know what I mean when I say those days right?
I hear my children and it just amazes me the wisdom that comes out of their mouth sometimes.  Other times it pains me to have to acknowledge that even when I’m convinced they didn’t hear me, they heard me.
My oldest son loves to wish. I try to allow him these wishes. But then it occurred to me that so often when I allow it, I am encouraging him to have a spirit that is discontent.
I admit it, sometimes I’m slow. But I realized the other day that when my children are wishing for newer toys, for a video game, four of Acacian somewhere, they are not learning gratitude. Nor do they have a peaceful spirit. When I allow them to wish, it fosters a bad spirit within them.
According to the Bible we cannot be blessed with more until we are truly grateful and content with all that we have. And Paul tells us that we need to learn to be content in all things, all situations, with everything and with nothing.
I want to have this and more importantly I want my children to have this. But that all begins with living a life that shows, all the time, contentment.
And that brings me back to our words. There are bad words but everyone knows it’s just not right to say. And then there are words like this one, “wishing”. That seems so harmless but really are not harmless at all.
We are slowly creating a list of words that we just do not stay in this family. Wishing is one of them. Instead of wishing we count our blessings. Now I can’t say that this is solved all of our problems but it is certainly a step in the right direction.
Our minds and our hearts are intertwined in a most amazing way. We know what’s in our heart by what comes out of our mouth. And we know who we serve by who or what we talk about most. What we say takes root in our hearts and our minds. We have to be wise enough to know whether what we say should be weeded out or left to grow.
Words matter whether we like it or not. And often the words that are children use show us most painfully the words that we use. Of course I have two boys so I have to say I don’t think that always applies in my situation. Some of the things they say and do, it must be a boy thing.  But as we go about our day and as we sit and walk with our children, let us be wise. Let us not tear down our houses and our family is but build them up. 



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