It’s Still A Car

I know this is cliché but when the car is not in the garage it’s still a car, and when the car is in the garage it’s a car. We all understand that right?
What about as Christians though? When we are not in the church are we still Christians?


It’s been a rough week for me I admit it. Very little sleep but tons of work but just keeps piling up. And while I have two hands one is typically caring about my sweet five-month-old daughter. I would love her smile and her bright shiny eyes. Get home I need both my hands! Lol


Suffice to say without enough sleep I am just not a nice person to be around. I know it. When I can’t see straight and I can barely complete a sentence, I am frustrated and ornery and I tend to be less kind then I should be to those I love.


This morning I didn’t make it to church. Why? Compile a lack of sleep with the need to get everyone in our house, my husband and three kids, cleaned up and fed and out the door on time.I was snippy. I was probably somewhat mean.  And maybe that’s how this truth came to light for me this morning.



As a family we attend church and we worship and pray and we hear the Word of God, as our Pastor is inspired by the Spirit. Well, mostly I sit downstairs tending my baby girl and hear what I can. It’s that season of motherhood I know.  Yet we are there, intentionally, as a family.


But when we get home what happens to our family? My husband has work to do for the MBA he is completing. That takes most of his time. I try to manage the house and meal planning and homeschooling. Not complaining just taking inventory here.  He works hard, at work and at his education.



But when we come home too often I am afraid, we go our separate ways. I tend to the kids in the home while my husband tends to his job and his school. I try to encourage more time in Bible study and family devotions with our children (we do this all during the day as a part of our homeschool anyway) but as a family altogether it’s pretty much unseen and unheard.



What good is church then? Certainly we go to the building to fellowship and worship together and hear and learn God’s  word. But what good is it if when we come home it gets left somewhere?



I have this book An Excellent Wife I have been meaning to read for sometime now. Because the truth is never did I want to be a wife or a mother. I never dreamt of being a mom or a homeschool family or a wife. I never dreamt of being married to the kind of man that I am married to, we are as different as night and day. But still I do count my blessings today as a wife and mother. Its funny how those things we think we want and need (for me it was a life overseas somewhere; a home full of books and nights of opera and classical theater) are never quite what He has planned for us.

But I admit to being very lost. It’s hard right? I mean, its so hard the Bible says the older women need to teach the younger women HOW to love their husbands and children. It sure feels like a constant never ending battle uphill. So much sacrifice and so little time with the Lord for myself. I pray so often, Jesus teach me. Because really there are many times I just don’t want to do it anymore. Yet I also read that we suffer for Jesus. We endure, with Jesus.



We do it all because we love. And no matter how hard it is and how tired I am and how alone I may feel I know that Jesus is at my side. So I need to podcast more sermons to inspire and train myself, both in mind and heart, as best I can throughout my days.  I need to pray, without ceasing, whether its a moment here amidst the folding of laundry or dishes, or while nursing and rocking my baby girl late at night.  And early in the mornings.



I cannot afford to only be a Christian when I am in church. I can only truly be a Christian if I am always a Christian.  I must remember that I am the church, therefore I should always be having church. And in this way I will always be able to rest on the Lord.



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