Fishflix ~ Faith of our Fathers ~ A Schoolhouse Review

I don’t much enjoy television and movies. I am more the type who you will find with a good book.  But the rest of my family loves movies! And so I am always looking for ones that have a good wholesome message.  So when I was given the chance to review the Movie Faith of Our Fathers (2015) I was happy to comply!  This is a movie made by, scheduled to be released October 13, 2015. This is a P13 rating and is approximately 95 minutes long.  If you are not familiar with them, is a Christian company whose mission is to bring family-friendly, faith-centered entertainment to homes everywhere.  In fact, I have found a few films that I think we may need to consider for our home library in the future! 
Faith of our Fathers {Movie Review}



Faith of Our Fathers takes place in 1997 and the story goes from past to present frequently (the time of the Vietnam War). Since we love history, and the boys love war movies, I thought this would be a great combination for our family. 



Faith Of Our Fathers is the story of two men who served in the Vietnam war and how their sons are affected by their lives 25 years later. This is a story the speaks to the true depth of a father’s faith and its impact upon his children through the years.  This can be a great resource for those of us who have kiddos studying the Vietnam War.  And since it moves between the past and the present, there really is much you can learn from this one.



It all begins with one of the man’s son’s going through some boxes of his mothers things.  When he finds a letter from his dad, it drives him to find a friend mentioned in the letter. As  John Paul journeys to find this unknown man, he seeks to learn more of his father, who died in Vietnam. Although he does not find his father’s friend, he does manage to locate the man’s son, Wayne. His dad also died in Vietnam, but Wayne has several letters received from his father during the time he was alive. John Paul and Wayne journey to Washington D.C. to visit The Wall. John Paul has great faith; Wayne has a lot of anger within! Certainly this trip is a life changing experience for them both.


The relationships of these young men, and the relationships their fathers had with one another in Vietnam, are like an image in a mirror. So many similarities are seen between Steven George, a man of great faith who was so devoted to God and his son who also showed great faith.  Both father and son show a strong faith and relationship through prayer and sharing often the Word of God. And both men have a friend who needs a bit of faith in their life!  A precious reminder that there is always a reason for the people and the events that are a part of our life!  Who may we be leading to a peace and knowledge of the Creator God?


As these men travel and learn of their fathers, they develop their faith, through the letters they have from Wayne’s father.  Throughout their travels, they read the letters written home by Wayne’s father many years before and during the raging Vietnam War. The letters share his struggles with his faith and the hopes he has for his family. Both John Paul and Wayne really learn of their fathers through these letters and learn about the value of true faith. In time they get the chance to meet with theirs fathers commanding officer from the Vietnam War who shares with them how the story of their fathers death.


There were also some fun and lighthearted moments within this video (as there would be in any journey we undertake right?). You even get to see a few celebrities, like Rebecca St James and although I have never seen Duck Dynasty, I guess one of their folks plays a shopkeeper in this film.  I won’t tell you any more than that though ~ A little teaser for you!


If you watch this with your children (as we did) keep in mind that there is some violence as expected in a film portraying war. There are also some inappropriate words used in parts of this film, “moron” comes to mind.  This is a movie that shows a lot of the process of grieving and so it can be quite emotional at times. However this movie is a great reminder of how all things really do work together for our good when we are trusting in the Lord. Plus there is such great inspiration and hope shown. May we always remember that God always has a purpose and a plan! ❤ Review No 2Follow Fish Flix:


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