I Don’t Get Up withThe Kids

I am not a morning person. My kids are. All of them. And honestly as a mom I have gotten tired of reading about how the only way my day can be a good one is if I am up before my kids.


I mean how many different blogs can we read that tell us if we just get up early and work out and have quiet time in prayer then when our children wake up it will be an excellent day?

I wish this recipe worked. I wish any of the recipes that I have read work. Then maybe I would feel like a better mom when it’s super early in the morning.

But the recipes don’t work and you know what? I just don’t get up before my kids. I haven’t for a long time.

Let me say while my kids are like clockwork every morning at the same time when I have tried to be up before them it only causes them to get up earlier. Since it seems they can sense me rolling out of bed, the matter how silently I do it, but it just doesn’t work. They need their sleep and quite frankly so do I. I don’t have The skills of the ninja for sneaking about the house.

I don’t like to walk on eggshells but when I’m up for my can’t exactly what I’m doing. Super quiet coffee making, super quiet Bible reading. We can’t turn those pages to loudly. And if I’m listening to a sermon or worship music, it’s just not the same when I’m trying to keep the volume down you know?

Of course there is also a benefit to sleeping in with my kids. When my kids wake up and then coming to my room to snuggle, this won’t last forever. It’s fun waking up to see their faces curled up next to me.

There is also the lesson of patience and sharing and serving one another that comes from us all getting up at the same time. Big ones helping little ones. Sometimes shower. And there is something nice about sitting and drinking my coffee well my kids eat breakfast, without listening to the word of God together.

Eventually I would like to have some type of quiet time in her house.  So far it hasn’t worked out for us but perhaps one day we will find away. For now we keep it simple.

Aside from this my husband and I have our time together at night after the kids go to bed. And I don’t always go to bed when we ttuck them in and turn the lights out. Lol

I often have to remind myself that right now with four kids, one being a five-month-old who doesn’t know the meaning of sleeping for more than two or three hours at a time I need to get my rest when I can.

I also have to remember but it’s important to spend time intentionally with my husband and my family even if that does mean sitting in front of the TV watching some movie that I think is completely ridiculous. But at least I can rest while we’re doing this and at least we’re together.

But we have to be careful not to burn the candle at both ends. And I fear when I am forcing myself out of bed before my kids, when I’m walking on eggshells most of the morning trying not to wake them up, that’s exactly what I’m doing. And that’s no good either.

So for now whether people agree or disagree I wake up when I wake up. Sometimes I wake up to a couple little faces looking back at me from under my covers. Sometimes those faces come with a big pile of books and we just rest in bed and read. Other mornings it looks completely different. I think what matters most is that we are all getting the sleep we need when we need it.

For anyone who is not a morning person, like myself, rest knowing that the seasons in our life change. Sometimes faster than we realize. I mean I cannot believe my daughter is already almost 6 months old. We must remember that these things shall pass away. So my time with Jesus is not So bright and early in the morning and so my prayer time he is often including loud voices of little ones happily a play (and sometimes not so happily).
So much if it is in how we believe it so today let us see it!


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