I Owe Him ALL

It’s been one of those days… I see so clearly how truly I do owe all to Jesus.




I stumbled across this folder, full of papers from my husband’s very first Bible study. I remember it well. Long ago it was. My disdain and disinterest at the time….. how I just wanted to be left alone.


And even now I can feel the presence of God so, as I read through those papers and I see so clearly God’s Love for His creation. His desire for us all to come to the truth, that none would perish.


There are so many today that are as I was then. Maybe I wasn’t trapped in any false doctrines per se, I knew nothing about God and I was okay with that. So many things I was taught though, wrong thinking that only He could right. I say all this because I as I look at that folder full of papers, things that will pass away, I realize that all that I am today, it’s so much more than anything I have done.


As I listen to my son practicing his song for choir and I listen to my younger two reciting verses for quizzing I cannot imagine living in a home that doesn’t have such a strong presence of God within it.


I do believe He is coming back soon and there are so many who need to know, who don’t know. There are too many out there who have yet to hear and truly know God.


We are called, chosen, its humbling truly. We are to proclaim His truth boldly! Perhaps those who are lost shall hear and from what they hear desire more. Only Jesus can change hearts and minds but if we do not open our mouth to tell the truth that is written, if we do not testify of what He has done in our life….How can any ever come totally know Him?



I am blessed, so very blessed, for His revelations. All that I am I owe to Him. If you knew me then .. There is a great harvest to be reaped; let us be about His business!


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