Its Reading Time

I haven’t posted for awhile our good reads (since life has been busy and we have been crazy! Lol) but there are some I am reading that are just too good not to share.


I love my Geneva Bible. But now and then I admit, I enjoy reading a bit of the good old King James Bible. So I thought it was great to get a copy of the KJV Foundation Study Bible for review.  I am a pretty hardcore gal when it comes to studying God’s word. This is good for using with my oldest son in fact, in your homeschool because The Foundation Study Bible is so thorough and it is full of maps, and notes and cross references and even has a concordance. I do wish there was a bit more room to write notes in the columns or at the bottom. The pages are a bit thicker too, so I think it would hold the ink from a pen or highlighter better. But then there are so many notes already included within these pages to keep us thinking.   aI love the information about each book in the Bible which precedes each book. Lots of notes.  I couldn’t find in the Bible who the author of the commentary is. Not a fan of dustcovers and I do believe this one is nicer without it. This is a sturdy book that I think can hold up quite well through time.



When we think about those things that are most important, for our children to understand and know, in their later years, what comes to your mind? Strong and Kind: And Other Important Character Traits Your Child Needs to Succeed is an amazing book I have been blessed to be able to review here (although I guess I am the only person now who has never seen Duck Dynasty! haha).  What momma doesn’t believe that the development of good character in our children is the most important thing if we want to ensure that they lead lives that are glorifying to God and fruitful for them as well.  Robertson explores key traits as well as what they look like in action, and shares so many ways that we can nurture strength of character within our kids, hands on. Written with her mother Chrys Howard and featuring stories and wisdom from husband Willie, STRONG and KIND cuts through the contemporary cacophony of parenting manuals to rediscover, unfold, and embrace the enduring wisdom that has guided the best parents for centuries. We are reminded, gently and truthfully, the importance and value of not just teaching these values but living them out too.  What an encouraging and inspiring (fun too!) read. 🙂




Taming the To-Do List ….  I have tons of these lying about the house. So many things make that list on a daily basis. Yet no matter how I make and manage my lists, it sees they are never done. Maybe I check off one or two things, but for the most part they just keep growing. This book shows us how to take back our schedule! Ready to tame that to-do list? This book shows you how.  This is short, direct and to the point.  Which I love. Because I love to read but these “self help” books are rarely ones that I want to spend time reading. In this instance though, I no only enjoyed this book but felt power coming back to me as I read and saw in my life, procrastination and how unnecessary being overwhelmed and overloaded really is. This is a blessing.  It busts those myths that we don’t even realize we believe; it helps us see ad apply what we are living and what we want to be living. And there is scripture too! There is the faith woven into these pages; God is a God of order right? So certainly we, as His chosen ones, are to be people of order as well.  Slowly, I am feeling order returning to my home; I am taming my to-do list.



Girl Meets Change: Truths to Carry You Through Life’s Traditions is inspiring; not my typical type of read but still. Over the years, this author has fought hard to learn an important truth: change is not something to be feared but something to be received as a blessing from a God who works through it, not in spite of it.  How many of us need to hear and embrace this truth? SO many of us are trapped in fear; our faith is not growing because we are so stuck in fear.  We need to learn to let go of the fears and the lies that cause our hearts to hurt and leave us unable to do anything other than stress out and freak out.  Every day we have a choice to make, do we remember that God is faithful right now and tomorrow and yesterday too? We make a daily decision to not let those fears determine our actions.  This is a sweet and beautiful book, meant to inspire us to choose to think on those things that are pure and true and pleasing and good and right.




Did you know that there are many, many Prayers That Changed History? Tricia Goyer has compiled a number of these into this amazing book! A great tool for any homeschool 🙂  I absolutely know that there is great power in prayer. For anyone who doesn’t believe that to be true, there is this book. Full of stories of people like Helen Keller, Christopher Columbus, Mother Theresa, Billy Sunday… There are so many men and women that sought God in times of need and here you can read about how their prayers were answered! This even has a brief biography included.  Other sections include:  Something to Think About, In His Own Words, Its in the Bible, and How He Changed History. My oldest son is really enjoying this as an addition to our Bible and history studies. I love that here as he learns about them he can see God’s hand in their lives. Isn’t it amazing what faith can do?




My daughter and my son love horses! So we were happy to read The Horse  of My Heart: Stories of Horses We Love.   Think of The Lone Ranger who had Silver, Zorro with his horse  Tornado, Roy Rogers had Trigger ….Horses who were loyal, strong and always showed up right on time.  They never let you down.  Then there is Black Beauty, the more recent Circle C books.  If we only could, we would have a horse or three. There is something about a horse that draws us. Me, personally, there is a regal beauty to them, something noble. They willingly eat from our hands, pull carriages and plows, allow us to ride atop them.  These are things I feel, they choose to do out of love and dedication. This is a collection of lovely, wonderful stories sharing the beauty and the love of a horse. And the stories all have lessons of truth inspired by the horse. I really enjoyed every one of these stories. As a horse lover, I think these stories perfectly showed the beauty and the depth of horses while also inspiring us through the bonds and experiences of all.




Bug Swamps Gold.  This one was a review copy I accidentally received. There is a purpose behind it all though agreed? This is SO interesting. A memoir of a young girl’s experiences growing up during the 1930s and 1940s in rural South Carolina. This is full of lovely stories of the lives, loves, and losses of one family during one of the worst times in our      nation’s history. Read and remember the value of the little things. Even in the midst of the Great Depression, the awful things of war, this one family and their experiences have more value greater than anything else in their little world. What a testimony to the little things; to the importance of family and love, in life. We are reading this together right now, as a family, and in our homeschool.  Its something that really draws you in, even my kids, as you read, from the perspective of a child, her life in these trying times and how there is still so much beauty and inspiration. It reminds me of a worship song we sing that talks about how we will continue to praise God, even in the storms that come our way. When we keep our eyes on the simple, little things, we see what really matters. Again, this is a beautiful way to share history, especially with children, in a way that is tangible and real.



Do you like things that are bitter or things that are sweet? Right now I am reading how, Every Bitter Thing is Sweet.   How to taste the goodness of God in all things. Surely we all need a little help in this area. I mean, when we are disappointed by one we love, or when financial trials come our way … Do we still believe in the goodness of God? Or do we shake our fists and bemoan Him?  Its so true that we need to train our minds and our eyes, to see the good things,the beautiful things, set before us. Even in those times where it seems there is nothing good or beautiful to be found. We can shape that bitterness, and mold it, into something useable. Something that brings glory to God. And helps us to grow stronger in our walk.  “Blessed are those that hunger.”




And the Light Shines….This is the story of Chris who discovers truth in a prison cell.  In these pages he remembers and shares his story with Michael. In the prison cell, he remembers details long forgotten; he recalls his choices and how he believed that there was still a plan for him. He thought surely God’s plan for him would end in a prison cell filled with pain and torture, but he was wrong. This story speaks to his experience during the Tribulation times; the writing as rather hard for me to follow at times I admit. There could have been more editing, to make the story and the words flow, more smoothly.
However you can see the message the author seeks to convey of God’s faithfulness and love. He will never leave us and give us the strength and ability to stand if we will cling to Him.Not sure I would encourage others to read this one but suffice to say, the message is one we could all do well to remember. When the day comes, if it comes, when we are in that place, our life at stake, would we still stand for His word? I pray for that strength.




I love the story of A Christmas Carol don’t you? In 52 Little Lessons from A Christmas Carol we get to go a bit deeper with this lovely tale. Those simple quotes that we enjoy and sometimes repeat ourselves, what do they really mean? ‘For it is good to be children sometimes, and never better than at Christmas, when its mighty Founder was a child Himself.’ ‘No space of regret can make amends for one life’s opportunity misused.’ ‘God bless us, every one.’ Full of lessons and stories from the greediness of Scrooge to the beauty and innocence of Tiny Tim, 52 Little Lessons from A Christmas Carol inspires us to live for what really matters all year long.  The readings are simple and short, so very sweet. From “Almost Doesn’t Cut it” to “Seeing Life as a Child” these are lessons we all ought to enjoy and seek to live out in our communities and families.



The Parable Treasury is another one, this one for my sweet daughter, that is just a joy to read again and again. These are simple, fun and colorful tales for our littler ones. Helping themto embrace and understand some of those Biblical truths that are so important!  As you read As you read you find Bible verses that correspond with each story being told. (I admit I wish these were in KJV…) but still, I loved this, we are big on learning and memorizing truths in our family.  Certainly this inspired much talk too, sharing what these verses mean, and how we can share them and show them to others in our own lives. I have always found, espeically with childrne, parables to be one of the best methods for training those little minds. And how my daughter loved the sweet and colorful images that went along with the tales. Especially the lillies and the sunflowers! Her two favorites.





So these are my reads for now. What are you reading?

May you be blessed!


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