Are We For Them


I have determined recently to read more. Unfortunately this has to happen during the day. As if I don’t have enough to do at home right?
But I see the benefits of making time to read, especially my Bible. I know when I am not exactly as I ought to be and whenever I am it always reminds me of the value of time with the Lord.

I even see it in my children. I know brothers and sisters fight, it’s going to happen. But I notice it more with my little ones when we are not spending the time that we should in worship and prayer and in the Bible itself.

This year has been one what we are really trying to put it all together in our homeschool. Looking at those virtues and character traits that are so important for us to have. Things like strength and courage, kindness gentleness and honesty. A strong work and study ethic (love of learning of learning). 

I like how behave is defined as “to act in a certain manner to control yourself so that your actions are acceptable and are considered  appropriate by society.”  

Don’t give me wrong individuality is so important to me. I want my children to be comfortable with who they are, as they were created to be. But there are also things that are just not okay. 

My children need to learn how to recognize those things without losing themselves. Without giving up standards and virtues. I think of the many that are condemned when they speak out for their faith. I do not ever want my children to stay silent about what the Bible says and what they believe for fear of what others think.  But I also want them to be, as the Bible says, “Wise as serpents and harmless as doves.”

I think I am rambling a bit now. But it’s really been instilled into me lately how important it is as a mother, for me to have my time with the Lord. And for me to make sure that my children have their time with the Lord too.  
God is for us so there are none that can be against us but only when we are truly following him. I want my children to know that I am for them and also that I am for Him.  


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