Standard Deviants Accelerate ~ Schoolhouse Review

I have been pondering how to get more educational stuff into my oldest son. Some history, maybe some science.Last year I saw the Crew was reviewing Standard Deviants Accelerate  and it did make me rather curious about it. So when I had the chance this time around to review some of the Homeschool Courses from Standard Deviants Accelerate I thought this could be a fun one and a nice change of pace for us too!  Right now its a real struggle; a reluctant reader and learner, its hard for us to find something that keeps his attention and doesn’t bore him.  Too often things are either too easy or too hard – this was that something in between!


     So who is Standard Deviants Accelerate anyway?  I admit, this year when they came around again, I still wasn’t really sure who they were. But as I learned more about them, I really liked what I was seeing. Standard Deviants Accelerate (SDA) offers a great variety of online courses mostly for middle and high school students; there are also arithmetic and fundamental math (3rd and 4th grades).  Some of the classes are: algebra, chemistry, biology, earth science, nutrition English Composition, US History, with many of these classes offered in AP too.  We were given access to all of their access to all their courses for the entire year. Nice, right? 🙂



My oldest son is 10; he chose to use this for Earth Science, Chemistry, and U.S. History (a bit advanced for him but I was happy he as excited to try these out).  I really had hoped to complete the Nutrition and Algebra courses with him but I don’t want to push it. He is amazingly enthusiastic about this program. These courses are all just SO good. I want to enjoy as many as we can, while we have this great opportunity. Its so hard sometimes with so many goodies, to not put too much pressure on my son. Then again, I love being able to use these myself now and again; I am learning so much as a homeschool momma. Its one of the things I love most about home education. And we have a year with this program, so I must remember to relax and enjoy!



Before we could get started though, we had to get set up. This is the part I really struggled with. I can only imagine if my son was older and we were looking to maintain records of his coursework.



Check out this video that goes over all the great features that are a part of this program!

Each subject has videos, the option to print a full transcript of each lesson, vocabulary exercises, diagrams, quizzes, and a section for questions requiring written answers. The  videos themselves are tons of fun (says my son) very colorful and busy; full of laughs too! I was quite impressed that these seemed to be just the right length for my son.  How I wish he was older and we could use this more !

He really is enjoying his time with this program. At least 4 days a week he sits down to watch a video or two; some days we print out the transcript of the lesson to put in a folder for review. There is an area to write notes which they can save to their “locker” (not something we used at all). Each lesson though is engaging as well as simple, yet direct, in the subject at hand. And no matter how your children learn there is a way for them to learn with this program. My son typically would watch the video and complete the diagram. He would then move on to review the vocabulary words for the lesson (these can be printed out too).  We didn’t se the writing responses portion much (mostly because of his age and the advanced content he was using in this) but we would discuss them now and then. He liked to read some of the critical thinking exercises ( American History) and so we talked at length about these; in some situations the exercises required acting out an event or teaching on a topic that was learned.




We really did enjoy this and are going to be continuing to use it as much as we can for the remainder of the year. If you have a child who really struggles to pay attention, who is very reluctant when it comes to learning, this is something you should definitely check out! It is engaging, colorful and its tons of fun! This is one we will very likely revisit as well when mine are older. Still not sure? Get your free trial or sign up for your class now. Courses are currently priced at $9.99/course per month. ($4.99 for AP courses.)  You can also buy all subjects and get 35% off with lifetime access! 🙂

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