Let’s Blog through the Alphabet

Join us as we begin Blogging Through the Alphabet.  Starting, of course, with the letter A.




I woke up singing, ” This is the air I breathe, Your Holy presence, Living in me…”


Air…..We all need it.

The earth is surrounded it.


Gases that provide living things with oxygen; green plants with carbon dioxide for photosynthesis.

We breathe in oxygen and we breathe out Carbon Dioxide.

Simply put no air, no life.

You cannot see the air, yet we know its there.

In the same way, we cannot see God but we know He is there. Always present.
Always with us. And we need Him; He is our air and our bread. How blessed we are that He is our air!

Such refreshing, renewing, life eternal air t0 breathe!

Next week is the letter B – what shall it be? Beautiful? Bountiful? Any thoughts?

Enjoy all of the other posts that are Blogging Through the Alphabet. Considering linking up yourself~ ❤


9 thoughts on “Let’s Blog through the Alphabet

  1. Wonderful post. It fit very well with our devotional this morning. We talked about how we can’t see the wind but we know it is there, just like we can’t see God, but we know he is there by all he does.
    I can’t wait to see what you come up with for B. Sorry, no ideas. I am not great at coming up with ideas which is why I hesitated joining in.

  2. One of my favorite quotations is from St. Francis DeSales about letting God be the air you breathe.

    Thanks for being part of the ABC Blogging link-up.

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