When More Isn’t a Blessing

It’s been on my mind all morning. It’s like the end of the year for me right now. Because another year with the Schoolhouse Review Crew comes to a close and as my time with the Year Round Homeschooling seems to be coming to an end, I remind myself that God is always in control.
I have loved the last two years being a part of the Review Crew. I am sad when the year-ends and hopeful for the year to come. As things have been winding down I have had to remind myself that no matter what happens in the future it has been a blessing and God is in control.  I have made some dear friends online; I have learned and been able to expand my writing skills, I have been amazingly encouraged and inspired by other families and materials that I may never have experienced without this group.
The Year Round Homeschooling blog was something I stumbled across it and I was super excited to have the chance to be a part of it. I was pretty new to blogging, and really unsure of how it all worked. But I have been so very blessed with this group of women for the last two years, I think. Inspiration and motivation, lots and lots of education for me and my kids. And my time with them is soon to be at an end. I think it is sad, yet encouraging.



I wonder what could be next. Aside from maintaining this what does the Lord have in store for me? I admit when the year comes to an end there is a feeling of sorrow and emptiness, as though something is missing. And sometimes I have to fight back the desire to seek out other things to fill it right away.



But I have felt led for sometime now to really dig deeper into the word of God, here on my blog. With my children and on my own. Recently there have been so many things that have shown me that there is more.  I feel the need to better organize my home and my family. Homeschool too. Granted we seem to be leaning more towards unschooling as of late which is fine, but I still want to have things flow a bit more smoothly for all of my kids.



And my time in the home, as a keeper of the home, as a help meet to my husband. I can do more. And I can share as I go along, testifying of how God works in my home and family and marriage. And this can be powerful for me and for others.



So even though I am beginning to feel those holes, little bits of emptiness here and there, I know that sometimes less is really more. And perhaps in the season I can do more with less.




I am excited and hopeful for a new year with the Review Crew and I pray as to how God will leave me with this blog and at home away from my blog.  At the same time I am holding onto the peace and the joy that only God can give, knowing that whatever direction I may end up in, my feet are where he has planted them.


In the meantime every week I will be blogging through the alphabet and I am going to try to post every week something just for fun. As I try to begin again meal planning and organizing my home to stop on by and say hello.


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