Always There

Does everything have your kids yelling for mom in your house? Because it sure seems that way around here. No matter what I am doing or who else may be home whenever my kids need something it’s always, “mom.” 

While I was making waffles this morning for breakfast, with my six-month-old daughter screaming in my ear, and an excitable puppy dog dancing around my feet, every now and then I had to stop. Because I heard my name.

It was a rough morning, even as I write this I haven’t had a chance to really get in my time at the feet of my Lord. And we all know how days ago that don’t start out with Jesus. So anyway, after waffle mix was spilled all over, one waffle hit the floor (happy doggie in this house) and there were more multiple cries for mom…. I yelled. I got mad.

I was frustrated over my poor baby girl not feeling well, I was irritated with myself that I didn’t get up sooner so I could read my Bible and pray. And rather than appreciating and enjoying the happiness of my little ones this morning, I saw it as a nuisance.  

Those are the times when God really speaks to me. As I am beating myself for being bad impatient, angry mom, as I am questioning my ability as a mom. And that’s when I’m reminded that my children have such great faith. They know that mom is always here, always with them. And I’ve had many people tell me that that is not a good thing, that my children need to learn how to be away from me and around others. But I was reminded this morning that the security and the confidence children have when they know that mom is always there, it’s priceless.

Sure I get tired. Sure I would love to hear them calling for dad now and then. But these are children that the Lord has blessed me with. And he never said it would be easy. In fact I look back to my working days and I think this is probably the most difficult job of ever had. Yet also the most rewarding. 

I am reminded and encouraged this morning but my children’s faith. Their faith in their mom, their faith in their God.



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