Brinkman Adventures Season 3 ~ Schoolhouse Review

Last year we were had the great pleasure of getting to know The Brinkman Adventures, and you know, we were hooked. My oldest son sometimes talks of being a missionary; taking the Word to places and people far away. And thats what these stories are all about, so as you can imagine he really enjoys them.  So we were super duper happy dancing when we learned that we would be reviewing The Brinkman Adventures again this year.  We received a copy of The Brinkman Adventures: Season 3. As I mentioned already. these are based on real life events; the stories are amazing and inspiring tales of missions work around the world.



We received about 5 hours worth of amazing, on the edge of your seat, audio dramas when we got this set. There are twelve episodes in all, each about a half an hour in length, on 4 CD’s. Season The Brinkman Adventures. The physical CDs are available at a suggested donation price of $27.99 (with free shipping), and the mp3 album is available for $17.99 (suggested donation).  All proceeds go towards funding new episodes and supporting missionaries worldwide.



I love the story of how it all began. Ian Bultman says, “Creating the Brinkmans has been for me an act of obedience. I know in my heart this was His idea, and feel so blessed to be entrusted to carry it out… I hope these episodes find their way into the hearts of kids across the country.  I also hope that someone reading this will attempt hard things for the King.  Trust me, when He’s in it, there’s no greater thrill!”



My oldest son’s favorite tale is Acorn & Oak which talks the value and importance of sharing the Gospel, no matter how young or old you may be. He was reminded, as he listened to this one, of a few years ago when he first met a couple who came to our door to witness to us. From that moment on he was hooked on the idea of going out to share the Good News. He was amazed and this simple experience really impressed on him the value of going out to tell everyone about Jesus.



We also listened (repeatedly) to God’s Mule and Mountain Mover – these are the stories of Tomas, who smuggled Bibles into Bishmar, a great story full of danger and mid boggling twists and turns. Another story that was quite impressive to my oldest son. And this reminded him of our exchange son and daughters both from China, another from the Middle East, who came here, learned and loved Jesus, perhaps being missionaries in their homes now. This story is told in two parts, the second part being Tomas’ experience being interrogated. And how blessed we are, by an awesome God, who works all things for our good when we are doing according to His will.  He hopes one day to meet Tomas. 🙂




We often would put these on during the day while our little one was napping; I have been trying to encourage a bit of quiet time, in our days. This was a perfect way to make that happen. It was fun listening to my kids shush each other so they could hear the story more clearly; often times my oldest son would get up to pause a story and ask a question – Or sometimes to share how amazing the adventure was. We had some of the deepest discussions because of these stories. Often they ranged from talking about what God’s will might be for us, as a family and individuals, to the truth of the persecution and danger that comes with being His disciple.



We also spent quite a bit of time on their website where we were able to go deeper into The Story Behind the Stories.  If the audios weren’t enough to make you feel like you were there, right next to them on every adventure, this will do it for you. They do suggest (and I agree) listening to the audios before spending time on this part of their site. Some of the fun facts were pretty neat too! My son wished that there was video of the battle between a giant spider and Mammoth cockroach, told in Translating Trouble.  There is also lots of Fun Stuff ; behind the scenes videos and coloring pages and sample episodes to listen to online. Watch the behind the scenes recordings of the family as the episodes are made too, on YouTube.

The Brinkman family has offered our readers the opportunity to download three free episodes from Season 2, just go to this page on their website. (This offer is only good through the end of November. – seriously, don’t miss it!)  I highly recommend you grab them while you can.

Brinkman Adventures Season 3 Review

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