GrapeVine Studies ~ Schoolhouse Review

We love to learn and study the Word of God. Its probably the biggest reason that we chose to homeschool our kids.  My kids love to draw too.  Enter in the idea to “Stick Figure through the Bible” and you’ve got GrapeVine Studies.  There are an amazing number of studies available to choose from, ranging from the Holy Days, to Timelines, the Calendar, and some of the key figures we read about.  We received digital versions of the Old Testament Part 1:  The Teacher’s Manual, Old Testament 1: Level 1 Creation to JacobOld Testament 1: Level 2 Creation to Jacob and the Traceable level too. (how awesome is it that they even have something for the little ones!) This is their Old Testament Overview series.




The Traceable material is recommended for PreK (about ages 3-5) I used this with my four year old daughter.  Level 1 is recommended for children ages 6-8 or grades 1st/2nd and was used with my 6 year old son. This introduces the timeline, and also provides more space on each page for the drawing, which was perfect for my little guy.  Level 2 is recommended for ages 8-10 or grade 3rd/4th. With this level there are more facts from the Bible provided for memorization (my oldest loved that!). My oldest is 10 and quite the little Bible study student already so he was really excited about this review.



These all come with a very helpful Teacher’s Guide which helps you to better understand the philosophy behind this system so that as you use the timeline and lessons you get the most optimal results.  Also, this guide covers both Levels 1 & 2 and even inspires you with some goals.  Every lesson begins with the timeline, students are given figures and symbols to draw (a rainbow, stick figure Adam & Eve, a tree and snake, a pair of eyes above). Every image is simple yet representative of one of the events being learned about. Then there is the section review. This just reviews what was already learned before beginning to learn new information.



This program provides a recommended schedule: one lesson a day, for four days, although my oldest son tended to do one whole lesson in one day. (everyone calls him the little preacher, who knows!)  So he completed his lessons pretty quickly; my younger two had little lessons throughout the week.  Regardless, this is a very flexible and easy to use program that you can fit in no matter what kind of schedule you have (or don’t have) in your homeschool.  🙂


This can be great to do as a family for devotions I think too and not just for homeschool. Often, I read while my kids drew. My oldest son liked to keep his KJV Bible handy for looking up further details as we read and studied together. This is great for fostering discussion about the Bible; we had many amazing talks about the types and shadows within the Old Testament. How something related to our life today; in some cases how we could see the New Testament being foretold within the Old Testament.  There are tons of great questions to be answered at the end of each lesson too. Just to make sure everyone got it all. She does not cover it all, in fact she warns about giving too much information, but the way this is done is simply fabulous!





So my daughter, who is 4 used the Traceable and just loved it. Adding colors to trace the different objects and figures in each lesson.  There is also a nice big page for them to create a character/event card; drawing their favorite part of the lesson.  My younger son (6) used Level 1 for his lessons.  He isn’t much into drawing but he did find the stick figures to be fun and it brought out a bit of silly in him as he did little drawings while we learned each lesson.  I think he would have preferred the Traceable himself (but I like this one to be challenged a bit!)  And my oldest son (10) worked the Level 2 material.  This was perfect for him too! Each page contains four blank boxes, each one listing scripture to draw. He hates to write so he did find it a welcome change to be not have to write it all out. There is also a section for review, a memory verse to learn, and a place for him to draw his character/event card and favorite portion of the lesson as well.


These really area great! My three kids really enjoyed this one.  The lessons were short enough to hold the attention of my little ones. The material was simple for them to understand and yet for my older son it was advanced enough to offer him a real challenge as he read and drew the stories told within the Bible. It was something that my oldest and youngest really looked forward to. And certainly, since we strive to learn it and live it, anything that gets them excited about the Word of God is a real winner in my book!




GrapeVine offers many different levels and even more topics for study, so there is something that is guaranteed to fit your child’s age and ability too! In fact, Levels 3 and 4 even offer basic Bible geography and how to begin using Bible study tools. My oldest cannot wait to get into those too!  Take a peek at a sample lessons to see if this is something that would work for your family. Whether for homeschool lessons or devotions, I definitely recommend this one! Its a great and fun way for kids to learn, not just the Word itself, but how we are to live it.  We are definitely going to be finding a way to fit more of these into our studies!


Grapevine Studies Review

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