Can’t Afford Not To

I was having a conversation with someone the other day, and it’s stunned me when she said how lucky I was that my family is able to afford to keep me home with our kids. Since we homeschool I hear this a lot. That and
how full my hands are with us having for ranging from 10 years old to six months old.

But I digress. I get so tired of hearing people say I wish we could afford to. As if my family and I can. The truth is we struggle every day. More now that my student loans have to be paid along with my husbands. Just those two bills is enough to make budgeting difficult. Add in just the general living and it’s a challenge. But even though we could use the extra money that I would bring in working outside of the home, the truth is we can’t afford not to keep me home.
I struggled with initially. I didn’t want to be in at home mom. I didn’t want to homeschool. In the beginning I wanted to be the social worker that I was. I didn’t think there was anyway I could feel satisfied and like I had purpose if I was just home all day with my kids. But of course I have learned what a lie that is. I have embraced the importance of being at home. Training my children and keeping my home.

So the other day as I was sorting through clothing and noticing how little my daughter had in the way of modest apparel I couldn’t help but wonder how we were going to replace her clothes. We only wear dresses and skirts, we feel it is our calling and we feel that it is most pleasing to the Lord. There was no way we could afford for me to go out and buy a couple new dresses for her. But the Lord answers prayer. Later that week the sweetest lady from church came to us to ask if we would be willing to take some clothes that her kids had outgrown for our kids.  And when we received these, oh my! It was such a blessing! These bags were overflowing with so many beautiful, some brand-new, dresses and shoes for our daughter. Another bag had some wonderful suits and dress pants, A nice tie for my oldest son. And a wonderful pair of dress shoes for him too.

This made me think. If I was working outside of the home and we had enough on her own, would God shows himself so strongly in our lives? Don’t get me wrong please, there are days when I struggle to be content. There are days when I do wish that we had more of the things that I think we need.  But then I remember that I have a God who supplies all of my needs. If I need it God make sure that I have it. And some of those things that I think I need? I really don’t need them but now and then he does like to surprise me with something nice.

I guess what I’m trying to say is that in those times when we just don’t think we can make it, when there just isn’t enough, it’s then that we need to praise God all the more. Because it’s in those times that we will see his hand. It is in those times that he will grow our faith, but he will calm her fears and give us such peace.  It’s in those times that are walk with him grow is all the more because really how could he show that he always provides if we never had the need?

 Be blessed. 💕



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