This Week I Shall 

So I am trying something new this week. Namely this. There is so much that I need to get organized around our house​ things that I think must be done if I want to find a place and joy again in keeping my home.

Typically my problem is that I see the mess and I determine to tackle all of it. Immediately. Then when the day is done and I can barely see any progress I consider myself a failure. It’s no good when we expect so much of ourselves all the time right?

I have four children ranging from 10 years old to six months old and they require a lot of time and energy. And that’s OK. When we determined to keep our children home to school them and disciple them, this was part of that.

But there are meals to be made and there is a certain amount of organization that, if you’re anything like me, you just need in order to feel your day is going well. I mean let’s face it our God is not one of confusion but of peace and order. Every little detail is so important to him. So shouldn’t it be for us as well ?

This week I am determining to tackle our little laundry room and our little unnamed area (once a kitchen, now a room waiting to be recreated). It is a room full of cabinets; storing lots of books and games and puzzles.  Lots of things that really need to be sorted out and books that I feel led to catalog so I can share them with others I know who may need some of them for their homeschool journey.

I also want to begin truly blogging on my journey as a wife, as a helpmeet to my husband, as a keeper of the home. Because this stuff really matters. Every jot and tittle. It’s so important and there is so much that we can learn if we just put ourselves to studying the word of God truly. But first we must have order. And peace.

So this is the beginning of what I hope will be a series of some sort on creating order and peace in the home. In bringing joy into being a homemaker. And along the way learning how to maintain that joy even in those days when you feel like the storm is raging all around you and there is no peace. We must always look for that rainbow. And so this week I begin finding and holding tightly to my own rainbow. Let us see the rainbow and remember, it is our promise from Him.


2 thoughts on “This Week I Shall 

  1. I have finally learned that the secret to keeping house and keeping it well is to live by the rule everything has a place and everything in its place. This makes it so much easier to have little ones help keep their space and the living spaces tidy, and helps mamma keep on top of clutter too. I love your thoughts and your wonderful intentions here.

    1. We are in the process of trying to minimize. In our tiny little house that is full of people and pets it’s definitely important for everything to have a place. And I think we are so much more blessed because then we can rest

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