Blogging through the Alphabet ~ Condition

Perhaps it’s just me but maybe you feel the same way. I have just been so tired and feeling worn out lately. I haven’t been as patient as I ought to be, I have not shown as much of his spirit​ as I ought to either.


This is Week 3 of this series, and since we are on the letter “C” I thought, hows our condition?   And then Hebrews 4:11 confirmed it for me.
Let us therefore be diligent to enter that rest, lest anyone fall according to the same example of disobedience.


I have not been getting good rest. My sweet daughter, teething perhaps, is up off and on throughout the night.  My time in the word and in prayer has been broken, a moment here and a moment there. Not what i should be. I am not as faithful as I should be. I haven’t had as much time at His feet as I ought.


This affects my condition. How can we expect to continue the work which the Lord has for me if I am not taking enough time for Him each day?


I feel burdened yet I forget to cast those cares upon Him. I feel weary yet I fail to come to Him who I know will give me rest. I am not content, feeling little joy, yet the one who can give me joy unspeakable….I fail to take the time to just be at His feet.
If I come into the Word it will reveal to me each day the condition of my heart, mind and Spirit. If I am willing to see. But there are those times that I am in the Word yet I am not truly seeking the Word. I am coming to the Lord as something to complete rather then something to complete me.
None of us will be truly complete of course until His return. But every day there is a work that He is doing within us and we cannot truly have that work completed if we are not coming to Him with the right heart and in the right mind.
The Bible tells us we need to examine ourselves daily. But we need to ask God to search us as well. For the condition of our heart and the condition of our mind, if there are hidden sins, roots of bitterness and unforgiveness, we need Him to show us these things that we may seek His healing and His power to cleanse us.
We are living in such dark days. We need His truth. We need the joy and the peace only Jesus can provide. May we always seek for the condition of our hearts and minds; that we may grow in our walk with the Lord.
Let us be eager, meek, reaffirming  our commitment to the Lord and renewing our dedication to putting on the new man. James says, sometimes we have not because we ask not (James 4:2). Let us ask God to check our condition, as well as covering us with hope, joy, peace, and a desire for truth!


4 thoughts on “Blogging through the Alphabet ~ Condition

  1. I’m often reminded of a poem called “The Difference” we recited in one of my high school classes, INSTEAD of actually praying. Instead of a rote prayer, it instilled a *need* for more prayer. Prayer does make a difference!

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