His Hands Are Full

The other day I was at my kids speech and debate class. We’ve done this for three years now and my kids just love it! I love all that they learn and the way they are encouraged by so many wonderful women​  and even other kids their own age. Haley is an amazing group of families. I consider it a blessing that we are able to be a part of it too.

Have been a part of this group for about three years now I have to admit I have not really taken the time to get to know any of these families. Aside from one or two let me know outside of the group,  I admit I tend to keep to myself.more often than not I admit I am just too busy with my four little ones to pay attention to everyone around me. And while I know but my family needs to be my main priority at the same time I also acknowledge that I can’t really reach out and show others God’s goodness when I am not really taking the time to see them.

But the other day I had that time. And I think Jesus because I so enjoyed listening to the testimony of the woman sitting across from me. As we talked about our life and our family, our studies (she is a nurse myself as a social worker) and how they are blessings from God showing how his day was even before we could see it.  Always,  His hand is upon us and our steps are ordered according to his plans for our life.

It’s amazing how sometimes we forget it or perhaps we just don’t see it, how gracious and good got it. I can certainly attest to the fact that there is money in my past that looking back, I clearly see as steps preparing the way for me. Even longer for the Lord mattered to me, it’s so clear how deeply he cared for me. Experiences and details, people I met him and shared life with. I look back and I think anything I learned from them even if I didn’t know I was learning anything at all at the time.

As  this new friend and I spoke, we shared stories of miraculous things that clearly can only be explained by God. Individuals healed of cancer, A man who lost his job only to gain the wisdom only God could give and now shares the gospel with everyone everywhere he goes. So many who have needs, impossible finances, Lost family and friends, addictions and depression. There are so many people whose lives he got his chains, I got to thinking that perhaps we do not share enough all of these amazing testimonies. And people need to know, they need to hear God is alive and working in all of our lives for our good every day.

I love to share the word of God. I love to talk about the Scriptures and what they mean for us right now. But when I i’m totally honest with myself, that lady in the grocery store doesn’t want to hear a bunch of scriptures. But isn’t going to help convince her that God is waiting for her to come to him, our neighbor may number except an invitation to church when all we do is tell him what the Bible says. But if we can show people how the Bible lives and breathes today, I don’t think any would not seek Him more. When we share with others how good God is, how amazingly our needs are always provided for even when it seems impossible, these are experiences that cannot be denied. Miracles, signs and wonders. These are things that follow God’s people. And these are things that need to be shared.

So today I tell you what God has blessed me with a wonderful little home, he has blessed me with four children who are full of joy and love, he has blessed me with a husband who spoils me more than he should, he has blessed me with another day.

Count your blessings one by one with my friend!!



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