Embrace It

I have been pondering a lot lately what it means, what it really means to be a wife. To be the help of meat, a gift to my husband from the Lord.

I did not grow up in a Christian home, in fact my mother and father divorced when I was very young and I really saw my dad. Sadly to this very day he and I are more strangers than father and daughter. 

But I remember growing up and seeing how unhappy everyone wants but I knew who is marrying. My mother even spoke against cautioning me to be smart and never get married. It seems like good sensible advice.  Then I met Jesus.

My husband and I were not married when we had our first son. To give you the short story, my oldest was unplanned. In fact he and I had both agreed we never wanted children. We were content living our own separate lives and coming together now and again as a couple. My dad’s things change fast when he was born. We still did not get married though. My husband found himself in a Bible study which led him to a most amazing and wonderful God that he is never known before. I wasn’t there yet. In fact I was adamantly against it.

Fast forward a few years and they were miscarriages, there was a period of time I was determined to pack up and leave, and then there was the birth of our son who is now six. The Lord led me to a little church not far from our current church, where the sweetest man and his wife showed me patience and love as I learned and chose to begin my journey with the Lord. We got married, this past Friday was the anniversary of six years of marriage in fact, who would’ve thought? Thank you Jesus!

In all of this I knew but it was important for us to raise our children as husband-and-wife. I knew that it was the way God created things to be, one man and one woman. Can I still wasn’t sure of the depth of the value of this relationship, for myself or for my husband. Get as I read the other day I saw how our relationship with her husband ought to reflect a relationship with the Lord. How much we serve and submit to her husband kind of shows others how much of ourselves we have given to Jesus. That’s pretty powerful to me. And it’s an excellent reminder on those days, and we all have them if we’re honest, when we just don’t feel like serving someone else. I can admit there are days that I say he doesn’t deserve it and there are days that I have pretty lame excuses for not doing those things that he asks of me.   And then I realize that when I ignore my husband’s request or choose to do something else I am disrespecting and disobeying the Lord. It’s not just about my husband.

I read once that a wise woman doesn’t take anything for granted. She is thankful to be loved and seeks to make herself more lovely. Isn’t that what we all want to do? Especially for husbands. I’m in according to God’s word we women were created, perfectly suited, for our husband.  To be his helper. And when we are a helper to her husband we are also a helper to Christ.

I know I catch myself now and again kicking off the reasons why I can’t possibly be that perfect woman for my husband.  Truthfully he and I are as different as night and day. He loves television and video games, I love opera and books. He loves sports and I love the arts. And then God speaks to my heart and reminds me that those are all the things of this world. Those are all things that will pass away. What matters most is the eternal. God reminds me that my husband and I were perfectly fitted together because of how different we are from one another. And it reminds me of those beautiful tapestry is that hang in castles far away. So many different colors and Materials that if you look at them all separately, you don’t see it, but when they are all woven together, it’s a masterpiece.

So does the Lord we’ve husband-and-wife together. No matter how imperfect we may be, when we focus on serving Him, truly there is something beautiful made.  



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