Be Still and Wait

Before I begin I want to say, yes I attend one of those churches. A Spirit filled, speaking in tongue’s, dancing and running the aisles, very active in the gifts of the Spirit kind of church.  And I love the presence of God that I feel there truly. It’s a place full of love and a place full of joy. There is a peace there which I have found nowhere else​ (and I have been to just about every denomination out there so trust me on this).  🙂


Anyway,  we had a message come in through tongues and interpretation the other day. The message basically, was that we need to wait. We need to be patient and just wait on the Lord. He knows our needs, He knows better than we do.  So we just need to stop and wait.



Being the season we are in I found this message to be a very beautiful one. After all for most people, this is the busiest time of the year. Even for churches, mine included. We have a Singspiration coming up, we have a Christmas play, a Cookie Walk….Its a time when everyone is so busy. And they are all turning their lives upside down, “for Jesus”.



Now I don’t want to seem unkind but can I just ask a sincere question, each of us really should ponder at least now and then….What does any of this have to do with the Lord? Where does He call us to any of it?  When we dread coming to church for fear of what the next thing is going to be….When new converts are being tasked with things not of the Word itself, when families don’t have the time to enjoy each other because they are busy mom here and dad there (kids with a sitter perhaps?), the church is too busy. Certainly there are those who have the time and resources, who minister in a variety of area and it is their passion. Perhaps they are single, or their kids are grown, they are retired and they truly enjoy being tasked with great things. But for most of us….Can I be honest? None of it is going to make or break our walk with God.



Please know I love my church and I love those who have such a desire and a joy to give when it comes to the Lord. I think of one lovely mom from our church who is always doing so much. She is an inspiration because there is nothing she won’t do and she does it all with such joy!  Not all of us are there though. And if we are not careful, can we get so busy, drag new converts into our busy, and turn them off? I mean, someone said recently that no one backslides from being in church too much. And I absolutely agree. But I do think some can backslide from being too busy in the wrong things in church. Ministries can be beautiful,  but they can also be a terrible pressure, especially for some of us with those larger families.




There is so much pressure on everyone this time of the year. People are pulled in so many directions and it makes me so sad when I see it within the church too. In all of this there’s people shouting from the rooftops that Jesus is the reason for the season. And I wish I could say amen to that. But I can’t.  Because Jesus calls us to wait. He calls us to be still.  He doesn’t call us to bake dozens of goodies, He doesn’t call us to hours of “worship practice”  and He doesn’t call us to shows. He calls us to truth and to loving and worshipping Him in Spirit and in truth. What are we doing? Are we showing the world what it means to be His or are we showing off for the world?





I will not be busy. I will not drive myself out of my mind decorating and baking and buying gifts for people that they do not need. I will be sure to share the Word of God as I do throughout the year. I will be sure to rejoice in my Lord and Savior, not just now but every day of every year.  I will be sure to continue to pray and seek His face; I will invite those I know to church, to Bible study.  I will encourage others, in the Lord. But I cannot and will not encourage things that I feel only divide. No matter how our heart feels, let us celebrate in a way that would be pleasing to Him. A way that shows that we are not of this world.






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