What They Need

So I was thinking this morning, about a conversation I had with my oldest son the other day.   We were talking about Thanksgiving because, well we don’t really consider ourselves partakers of these holidays. I do consider Thanksgiving to be important.  But I also consider it sad that we have a day, to be thankful, instead of 365.  Of course, I know many are thankful every day but I really think it sends mixed messages to our kids when we use one day, or month even, out of the year. Let us train them in daily thanks giving! 🙂


We are spending our Thanksgiving with my in-laws in the upper Peninsula of Michigan.  It’s always a challenge to prepare myself and my kids for time with them too because unfortunately they are still of the world. And while we want them to see God’s light, I also want to protect my children from the dark.





They disagree with the majority of things that we believe do. Sadly they see our decision to homeschool and live our faith, they see our separation from these worldly holidays, as being a bad thing for our children. That we are denying them Santa Claus and the Easter bunny, the tooth fairy and all those experiences that kids have when they attend a public school. According to them these are things children all need and it is wrong of us to deny this to our children.  (I remind myself, without God, we don’t make sense to others truly!).


Of course they are not the only ones. And I don’t expect everyone to agree with the decision my husband and I have made for our family. But knowing that we will be spending the next few days in a place where everything we say and do really is being scrutinized, it makes me that much more thankful that we have Jesus.



It also makes me more conscious, more careful. I suppose that’s probably a bad thing. Because maybe I shouldn’t be in a place where I am being super aware of everything I do. Perhaps I could be in a place in my walk with God where I never think about it because I am walking the Word. But thank you Jesus for Grace and for Mercy, for being a God of second chances ( and sometimes more).



I am determined to be thankful for this opportunity to perhaps practice more but our family preaches. I am also thankful for the peace of God that will allow me while we are there to not feel anxiety as my children are scrutinized to see how this homeschool thing is really working out.



I know people say all the time that our kids needed holidays and our kids needed stuff. I think what my kids need the most is to see but no matter where we go we continue to stand up for Jesus. We don’t need Christmas, we don’t need piles of gifts, we don’t need fancy decorations and big party is. What we need is the joy and peace and contentment that comes from living a life of holiness for our God.



So many times I have heard how our children need something. If we don’t do Christmas perhaps Hanukkah? If not Easter then maybe Passover? And every time someone tries to advise me of the sort of thing I simply remember and share with them the wise words of Paul who lets us know how important it is to learn to be content with having all things and with having nothing.




Our children need Jesus. There is not one person on this earth who doesn’t need him. They need to know that there is love and there is grace and mercy. They also need to know that there is a way that is right. But stuff? Silly holiday is that man-made? While they may be fun, like much of this world they will pass away. And we all need to rest in knowing that the things that are eternal are greater than anything this world has to offer.




I offer my thanks giving to Jesus every day. I pray that he will increase my thanks, my love, my joy. There is so much but I think him for. Things that I have and so much that I don’t. Because I know that he works all things together for my good. And all the time God is good.



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