Blogging through the Alphabet ~ E for Everyone

I was reading in my devotion this morning about the value of submission. And for us all to esteem others greater than ourselves. Within this devotion the question was posed, how do we treat everyone we come in contact with each day? Do we treat everyone as we would treat Jesus himself?


Scriptures are clear that God is no respecter of persons. He calls everyone to salvation. He wants for everyone to be saved and to have the peace and joy that are found only in truth. It’s not just for me and it’s not just for you. It’s for everyone!


This makes me reflect on the words I use and the temperament that I show to my husband and my children, to the people standing in line with me at the grocery store. If they were Jesus, if Jesus were there…..

Everyone we meet needs to know Jesus. We do not get to pick and choose who we share the gospel with. We cannot say that the drunken relative isn’t worthy or that The prostitute or single mom is too far gone to be reached. The Bible even says that way I could preach the word to all nations, all peoples.


How do we see everyone? How I pray that I could see everyone through Jesus eyes and love them with Jesus heart. Because everyone we meet has a need. A need that only Jesus can fill.




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