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Gotta Read! 

I know I say it all the time but I have to say it once again. I love to read! And so I was excited to see that there were a group of ladies beginning a blog hop all about reading.

It’s been a goal of mine to really take the time to read more. As a homeschool mom of four, it seems there’s never enough time to keep the home and train the kids and make those meals. But not long ago I read an article that talked about the importance of us prioritizing things. Being good stewards of our time basically. And we all know how we spend our time is very important to God. Amazingly within that article it was a little rebuke to me,  for not seeing and taking hold of a bit of time for me.

So I am determined to each day, no matter how crazy life maybe, take at least 10 minutes and curl up with a good book. Right now this is what I’m reading:

I admit this is one I have picked up and put down many times. But it’s been something that I no I need to complete. And I realized that so much more when in the very beginning I read how when we are a helpmeet to our husband we are also a helpmeet to Christ.
These are powerful words. And are calling, God gifting us wives to our husbands, this means so much more than I think many of us realize. So no matter how hard this may be, I am going to continue reading because I know there is more that God has for my marriage.

I started reading this one recently because I have four kids. For kids who are all so very different from one another. And I had a number of people recommend this book to me saying how much is changed the relationship with her children. Who doesn’t want A strong relationship with her children? Already I am loving how this teaches in such a gentle way. The grace of giving and how important conversation and quality time is no matter how old are children may be.



Then there is, I’m Happy For You (Sort Of…Not Really) which, in a humorous way, explores the effects of living in the crazy competitive culture that seems to be everywhere today —revealing simple yet effective ways to escape the comparison trap. And be happy.


Being an only child perhaps I escaped the “allure” of this somewhat, growing up it was just me. I had a mother who raised me to know that I was smarter, and more talented than I may imagine too so there was no discomfort with my self growing up really. I was an outsider and sure sometimes someone had something, or did something, that I wished after for a time, but it passed quickly and I would return to my own contentment. That isn’t to say that sometimes I dont grit my teeth when I am saying, “I’m so happy for you…” to another, but more often than not their way isn’t mine. And I am okay with that. If you struggle with this though (get off Pinterest haha) this is an amazing book to help you enjoy and embrace your skin! Just as God created us to be 🙂


This is an excellent reminder, too, to all of us of the trouble that comparison causes.  As I was just telling my kiddos the other day, we need to count our blessings 1, 2, 3 and thank the Lord for all the we have. Because there is always something bigger and better, always someone faster and more stylish with more money or a shinier car or bigger lego set….We just have to learn to be content in all things (as says Paul, that wise apostle) so we dont’ get caught and drown in that”if only”. So count those blessings, and as for those other folks, just be happy for them (even if you have to say it through your teeth!) .


Kay Wills Wyma, author, book, I'm happy for you...sort of...not really, life



Of course there are so many books that I can’t wait to read. But to ensure success I am only showing you these two for now. Feel free to share what you are reading right now. Certainly a good book is a most precious gem!


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