How do I feel?

So it’s a busy morning in our house. Getting ready to take all of the kids to the Homeschool Day, at the Discovery World Museum. And we are running late. Again. Lunches packed; extra clothes and diapers. Stroller and blankets for baby. And my son says, “Wait, I have to finish my drawing…”



I got a bit prickly there. I had to fight to control my temper. I admit it. I am ashamed to say, I am a yeller. I try daily to maintain grace in our home; it takes so much out of me when my oldest son, and oldest daughter, are like three kids in one. They both give me quite the run for my money. In fact we decided to completely fault academics in our house because of how desperately we need more character training in them both. All of s can benefit from this though (I mean, I know I’m far from perfect myself).





We are spending a lot of time in our Bibles. My oldest is enjoying its of time drawing and creating whether with Legos or K’nex or Snap Circuits. We are pulling out puzzles and other things that encourage creative thought and critical thinking. We are reading. Trying to read together everyday. Play dough too (although I openly despise that stuff! Lol) We are drawing and coloring, painting and sculpting and building and creating.



But it takes work. It takes time and intentionality on my part. To not freak out when my son says “wait” and I believe we need to go “now”. Its exercising patience and love and grace with my son, who has such an amazing and busy mind. I have never been a patient person. I have always struggled with being flexible. But I worry that my children will look back one day and remember their momma as constantly stressed out, freaking out over all of the “work” she had to do each day. I fear they will see all those things I want to learn and study not as momma loving to learn but as boxes that are checked off each day.




We were reciting Bible verses today when my son had his “meltdown” as we call it (after a couple mistakes he gets frustrated, begins mumbling and then stops all together). Not thinking I began reading the story of Gideon. How little and unimportant he thought he was being that he was the least and yet how powerfully God used him. Because he listened, he believed. I talked about how  we all make mistakes; we all struggle with things now and then. And how those are the times God wants us to turn to Him so He can show Himself strong in us. I didn’t yell or threaten. I was quiet and calm as I spoke. I hope, he saw, how when we stop in a struggle and wait, God will lead us. 🙂



So today I am pleased to report that I am practicing patience!





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