Fancy Poofy Dresses

My daughter is only four but already she is quite the little fashionista. She loves all things glittery and sparkling and pink. This was what I feared when I found out I was having a girl so long ago. Lol

I cannot lie. I found the years of raising my two boys to be the best ever. I mean they were so down-to-earth, no cares about what they wore and no hair that had to be done. In fact they were outside all the time rolling in the mud and digging up worms, coloring sometimes on each other but most of the times on paper ( a couple walls once or twice). 

I was a tomboy growing up. My friends were all boys. And the older I got the more I just kind of became one of the boys. To this day there are times I will comment on something and my husband will tease me that I’m talking like a guy. 

When I came in to the church as you can imagine I knew that there were things that had to change. Almost overnight I went from loving my jeans and leather jackets to nothing but long dresses and skirts. I didn’t cut my hair off and before but now I keep it longer and uncut, for the Lord. These are visual changes of course, things can be seen. But there’s always the unseen too. What about that?

I say all of this because I know that one day my daughter won’t be so little. Well I want to let her enjoy her pretty pink fluffy sparkly dresses I also want her to know that isn’t what it’s all about. I want her to understand her beauty without all of those things.

 I thank the Lord that my mother raised me to be comfortable in my own skin. I have never fit in and I have never wanted to.  I have always just been me.  I am that reader, studious, a quiet observer, simple yet strong and sure of what I believe to be true. Perhaps not as soft and gentle and me as others but honest and true in heart and mind.

I guess I started thinking on this because my oldest son proudly said that an eight more years he will be 18. That got me to counting my years with the other ones. That got me to wondering what they see and what they will remember. When they are grown and gone how shall they see the home they were raised in?

There are so many studies done about kids who are raised in the church and then grow up and go away from the church. I don’t want my children to be in those numbers but I also know that God has plans for everyone of us. And while we may not understand, we simply have to trust him. But our girls, I don’t want to ignore the issues are boys face but our girls especially, there so much they need to know.

I think about this and I feel so inapt and unqualified for this great task that the Lord has set before me. I know that he will provide me with all that I need to do this thing that he has called me too. I have to remember that. Especially on days like today when I realize that it is all going by too quickly.  



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