Our America ~ Review

Its been a trying time in our homeschool lately. My oldest has decided he just doesn’t want to learn. He doesn’t like what we are doing and so, as you can imagine, most everything has become a struggle around here. With three little ones, I admit, I was flailing a bit trying to find a way to make something work for all of them without sucking the life and joy and love of learning out of everyone in the process.


Then Sue asked me to review one of the books in her series, Our America. I was so excited because we reviewed her Science Unit Studies For Homeschoolers and Teachers from Funtastic Unit Studies earlier this year and it was such a hit with my boys! There are six books in all, each one teaching on a different point in the history of our country. Recommended for ages 10-13, these were still wonderful to use for read aloud time with mine (ages 10, 6,4, and 8 months!).  Follow Finn & Ginny as they search for their parents; going back in time there are great adventures to be had as they become caught in the most momentous and trying times in our history. Learn and travel with them in a way that makes so many “dry and boring” stories of history come alive for your kids!  And find out if they manage to find their parents before their time machine takes them home again.






We began, of course, at the very beginning, with The Pilgrim Adventure.  Almost immediately we were drawn into the story. We met Ginny as she was sitting at the table doing her schoolwork (my kids were so excited to read that she was homeschooled as they are! lol) and then to read that they were living in Northern Wisconsin (we visit family in the Upper Peninsula often) was doubly exciting!).  We live in Southeastern Wisconsin ourselves; always fun to read about another in your own neck of the woods (kind of).  While they arrived there with their parents to visit their dear Aunt and Uncle; they ended up there for far longer when they parents mysteriously disappeared. When they determine to go off and find them they become immersed in the experience of the Pilgrims themselves from the time they landed at Plymouth. The details in this book are amazing; from the struggles with illness and maintaining enough food for everyone, to the introduction of the Pilgrims to the Indians and their experiences along the way – this is a rich tool for learning more than you could possibly imagine about this important event in history.



Since Sue is an author herself, she blesses us with so much more than the book too. There are also a great collection of Free Activities for The Pilgrim Adventure.  These include fun actuates such as creating a family tree. She kindly includes resources to assist you in your research, such as the RootsWeb’s World Connect Project where you can enter the name of your ancestor and read whatever others may have found about them.  While not a professional genealogy site, this is lots of fun for starting out. There is a recipe for Sea Biscuits and a meal similar to that which the Pilgrims and Indians would have eaten. There are fun games to learn and play too! All of which are rooted in the time being read about. All of the activities are sure easy; all can be done easily with materials that you probably have lying about your house as did I. What a great variety of activities she shares in this study; activities that are sure to engage and entertain our kids for weeks to come!  And what fun the kids have learning and immersing themselves in some of those very things children back then did!




We have had such a fabulous time with this book! And the unit study too. As a big history lover myself, it is so important to me, for my children to grow up loving their learning. Especially when it comes to something like history. There is so much we need to know and understand in order to truly appreciate all that we have been so blessed to have as a nation. And when our children are able to learn about history in a way, like this, where it comes alive and they can really experience it and live it themselves, it inspires and encourages them so much more!




This one is a much loved read in our home and we are excited and anxious to complete this series of books!



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