Don’t Do It

Have you ever had one of those days? You wake up in the morning and you just feel overwhelmed. Not because of the demands anyone has put on you. But the demands you have put on yourself.


Well this morning was that day for me. I have determined to become more organized in our house. I have also determined to embrace a more minimalist lifestyle for our family. That said I have been cleaning out rooms and closets and drawers like crazy.





I woke up feeling quite purposeful this morning. I was more determined but I have been in the last week to get stuff done. So off went all the bedsheets and all the beds were pulled away from the walls. I pulled out the vacuum so was to get all that nasty stuff out of there. And then the baby got fussy. The two little ones we’re fighting. My older son was wondering about telling me how bored he is. And then all of the wanted to eat.





By the time I made it back to those upstairs rooms and the big pile of betting it was much later. Thinking I could be smart I decided to do one big load of laundry instead of two small ones. I’m sure you can imagine how that ended but if you can’t let me tell you I learned a lesson. One that I already should have known truthfully.




I panicked when I smelled something burning and then when there was water all over the floor in our laundry room, I panicked just a bit more.  In an effort to save time, I chose quantity over quality let’s say.  Never again.




Do all as unto the Lord. I can imagine him shaking his head right now, maybe a little chuckle, as I ring out all the wet blankets and sheets and dry the floor with towel after towel.  Will I ever learn? Thank you Jesus for your patience and love no matter how many times I fail. What beauty there is in His unfailing love!





I count my blessings that my machine wasn’t broken. How I would have dreaded having to tell my husband but I broke it. Suffice to say in the future I will slow down. I will take my time no matter how long it takes to get it done right. There is a time for everything, a season for all things. And right now, even though I should have learned this lesson sometime ago, the season I am in is one of caring for and training little ones. That is my most important role.





Of course the house still needs to be clean and laundry to be done. Their meals to be made. But their relationships that need to be built. There is understanding and love that needs to be shown. Patience and gentleness and joy. And when I slow down, How much more I can feel the joy and how much more I can truly love and share.




I’m resting now, getting my little angel down for her afternoon nap and listening to the sounds of a working washing machine. And I am counting my blessings. For the joy of the Lord is my strength. And he works all things to the good of those who are faithful and love Him.





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