Just One Word

Last year I joined a group of bloggers in a one-word challenge. The purpose of this challenge was to choose one word and then to strive to live it in the new year.  My word was peace. And I fear I fell short just a bit of really living it the way I wanted to but I am determined to try again this year.

 I don’t want to say but this year has been hard only because I know so many who have had it so much harder. I count my blessings are in that no matter what has come my way, there is always been a way.  


Looking back, this past year we were so very blessed with little Rachel Madison. I was also quite blessed to receive a position working from home as a regional director for a small international exchange program. Truly this was something that God Brock to our family to because when I make each month is just what we needed for each month. And of course we have been blessed in those little things that we forget to count each day. Our home, our health (although my husband has some unknown heart issues being monitored and a broken ankle), we have heat and we have food and clothing enough. I each day in and of itself is a gift. Sometimes I forget that.

Often lately I have woken with this running through my head: “this is the day that the Lord has made I will rejoice and be glad in it.”  

I think that’s my word. Rejoice. Joy.  Happy. To intentionally find joy in all things. To rejoice in our homeschool. To rejoice in my marriage. To rejoice as a mama for beautiful blessings. To rejoice as a washer of dishes and floors and clothing. To rejoice because this is what God has chosen for me.

This is going to be a good year. I know it will be because as Paul says, I shall think myself happy. It is true the Lord is our strength and the joy of the Lord is our strength. So in this coming year less intentionally find and share that joy ! 



4 thoughts on “Just One Word

  1. Joy was my word last year! It was the first year I had focused on one word and it brought such a joyful change in my life. I hope your life is as blessed with focusing on joy as mine was.

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