Be a Joyful Momma


He maketh the barren woman to keep house, and to be a joyful mother of children. Praise ye the Lord   Psalm 113:9

Can I be honest with you? Totally  transparent?  I’m not always a joy for mom. Too often I am an angry mom. Too often I am stressed out mom. Too often I am just a trying to survive the day mom.

A few weeks ago I felt led to join a blog challenge. The challenge was one word, just one. And as much as I know that I don’t always show joy, in fact but I struggle to be joyful, I am sure you already know that the word I chose was joy.


I admit it, homeschooling for children all in different places and with different ways about them, I can get caught up in all of the craziness and forget to see the beauty in our days. I miss the joy my children show and share. One of my goals this year is to make a point of stopping, humbling myself if you will, to just observe my children. Hope to see the happy grin on my boys faces as they build their latest contraption. To watch my daughter joyfully twirl about being a ballerina. To see my eight-month-old baby girl crawling and taking little steps about the house. I need to see these things and I need to smile.

It is said that when we are lacking enjoy it we are lacking in gratitude. It reminds me of something I saw the other day, it spoke of how we need to count our blessings every day, counted them one by one every day. And then I read how important it is to count my blessing but my children are home with me and underfoot all day. I am blessed to be able to see them grow. I am blessed to be able to watch them learn and find their passions and they’re calling. I am blessed to be able to be present for their needs whatever they may be. 

I think we forget the importance of this calling, this ministry, which the Lord has given to us as mommas.  If you have had any of the experiences I have, then you know all too well how hard it is for others to understand why so many children and why we choose to have them home with us. You have heard the comments about how full our hands are and how busy we must be.  If we aren’t careful we allow those thoughts to steal our joy.

Let us joyfully embrace our role as a homeschool mom and let us embrace the calling of motherhood! Let us be grateful for these precious children which the Lord has given to us. Let us practice patience and a gentle touch and help us to see the beauty within them. May the Lord help us to always find the joy in each day, and every child, no matter the situation.  


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