Cast ’em Away 

Casting all your care upon him, for he cares for you  1 Peter 5:7


That is how I have felt since about 2 AM. Discouraged. I have felt those big, dark, heavy words.  

With it being so cold outside, The kids haven’t really been able to get outside and play. We have snow but not the fun kind. And being cooped up in the house, it’s just not good. 

Of course there are lots of things for us to do each day at home. We have so many books and board games and puzzles. We have toys for building and things for crafting. But it’s just not the same as being outdoors, breathing and fresh air and just being able to run and shout and jump.

So there’s been much more fighting between the kids as of late. My daughter especially has gone from being a happy little girl dancing and playing with her dolls, to hey girl that is suddenly wailing and crying and screaming any time something doesn’t go her way. With two brothers who are not known for pampering her we’ve had quite a challenging day is around here. And it’s discouraging but not her when I try it doesn’t seem to ease the fighting.

I sit back and I listen to the comments and I see the attitude between my children and I worry. I strive to teach my children and show my children how to treat others respectfully. Yet I still struggle so many days is when it comes to my own children. My boys, as boys tend to do, love to play fight which usually ends in one aggravating another. My littler ones, well one is eight months, But my four-year-old daughter who will just scream. A top of the Longs scream because she thought someone might hit her. Or because her sister won’t stay and play with her.

It’s time to go back to training them in godly character. It’s disappointing that we have so many challenges and discouraging. I have to stop the voice in my head that keeps asking, what I’m doing wrong? I need to simply remember to be consistent. I need to remember to study my Tona boys, to not yell and scream at them. To watch how sharp the words that I speak.

I know this is an all my fault. I understand that so much of this is just who we are, the flashing us, and that my job is to train my children in how they can overcome these temptations. Because scripture reminds us again and again but there is not one man upon the earth but does good and sends not. We all struggle with us.

Of course I’m still discouraged. Seeing my children every day, it makes these little issues seem so much bigger. And truthfully I look more critically at myself and my husband, and our marriage and our relation to one another. But I have to remember that discouragement is simply a part of life. It’s A challenging time no doubt, but it is one that we will overcome if I simply remain humble and cast my cares upon the Lord. Because no matter how unworthy I feel sometimes, God cares for me.   

So today I am going to put all of these burdens that I have on my shoulders down. I am going to give them to Jesus and move forward. I’m going to remind myself that I can’t handle it all, but that I have a great God who can. And I know that the Lord will lift me up.  



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