Always More Grace


This scripture has been running through my mind all morning. I suppose maybe it’s because it has been quite a difficult week in our home and I admit it, I have been a bit too hard on my children. Especially my oldest.

And so God reminds me give more grace…..

Can I say truthfully but I know I need to give more grace? I know that often my enthusiasm for the choices I make tends to make others feel as though I am looking down at them. As though if they aren’t doing things my way they’re not as good as I am. And that is never what I want anyone to feel. I want them to feel great just as I do.

I am a home educator. I am a follower of Christ. These are the two things that I believe in so strongly, that I feel so passionately about. I can talk about both for hours on end. Please do not ever feel as though I am boasting, I think of how I sound to you, I do not ever want others to think that I do not give God all the glory. Without him in this what does it profit?

I get excited about home education. I pray that others will see that and feel grace. There is so much more to homeschooling been so many understand. And it truly can be a great blessing when we see how free in it we can be. And still I want other to know and to see that grace so that I can share and I can walk with them.

Just as we cannot live for Christ without others alongside us so is this journey that we undertake as mothers and home educators and wives and home makers.

We need the support and encouragement of others. Sometimes we need others to remind us of how imperfect we are so that we are not beating ourselves up when something goes wrong.  So we understand but it’s not the end. We did not fail. We are
simply to be faithful. Let us come together in kindness and goodness and love and reflect God’s glory and
grace in our home.

Remembering that God says that without love it’s all empty. Let us be pleasing to God in all things.

May we never forget that we can always give more grace!


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