Give MORE Grace




This scripture has been running through my mind all morning. Most of the week actually. I suppose maybe its because this has been a rather difficult week in our home…And I admit it, yes, I could show more grace to my children. I have been hard on them, I have been unreasonable. I have not been full of grace.




And since God is so good He reminds me, give MORE grace…….




Can I be honest here? If I a, I admit that I need to show more grace. More often. I think of how often I may come across as holier than thou, to others. My enthusiasm, my passion for the things i life that I choose and do … Perhaps it is seen as by others as shaming them for their choices? Am I too prideful and boastful? I certainly hope not. I only pray that I show grace. That others see this grace. I know the my way is not the only way; it is the best way for my own family.  I take joy in it because I know that it is God’s will, it is HIs wisdom that has set me where i am and allows me to do His will each day.



Do you see that? My joy, at being able to know and do the will of God? That is why I can’t stop talking about Christ. Its why I cannot stop sharing the goodness of home education and of walking the way of the Lord in my home. Its His mercy, His grace, shown to me again and again. Every day. Even when I don’t show that same grace myself. (and He reminds me of the times too!)




I think of how it all sounds. When I say that there is no way like the home education way. I am not trying to speak down to you, I do not think less of you. But I know so much more about this now than I did in the beginning and I am eager to share and show how much of a blessing this has been to my family.  I love you, I love your children, I see them as precious, gifted by the Lord.  I want to help you to walk in a way that will bring you this joy that I have been so blessed to have (even in the days I hide in the bathroom or the closet for peace).  I want to show others the glory of God that is working in the lives of my family. Every one of us.




Please see the glory of God; search for HIs goodness and grace in these words that I write here. Please see Him, not me, in all of this. Because I love Him so, I strive to love you and to see you as He does. Because if we do it without love, what does it matter? It does not profit anything, if we can not show the grace and goodness and love of God in all things. See how free you can be; see how powerful it can be.



I do not know who I am writing this for today; I felt this need on my heart all morning, o simply write and share that I love you so. I encourage you to do this thing because He is on your side and it is not impossible. Just as we cannot walk our faith walk alone, so we cannot walk our home education walk alone. Know that we are in this together. Let us come along side one another on those had days; let us come alongside one another when we question what something means. We can do this. But we have to show His love and HIs grace..  We all need that.




Remember, no matter how much we feel like we might be failing, no matter how little we feel we are reaching our son or daughter; we only need to be faithful. We are imperfect, and we will be imperfect. No matter what, its not the end. It isn’t the worst thing that could happen. It will be alright. Let us just come together, encourage and inspire one another, and show MORE grace. ❤


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