Think Happy!

No matter what, THINK YOURSELF HAPPY! 🙂

In the Book of Phillippians Paul uses the word “joy” 16 times.

And he was in prison when he wrote it.
While sitting in a dark prison, he advises us on the value of joy in our lives. He reminds us that we are to abandon those things that wear us down and overburden our life.

Some things need to die.

The beginning of true joy is learning to let go (Philippians 3:13).

Once we are willing to let go, to we can stop worrying so much! We can enjoy the moment we are in; the place where God has placed us. We can exercise gratitude; praise and worship God – tell Him how thankful we are for His goodness (Philippians 4:6).

Only then are we willing and able to truly submit and yield to His will for our lives.

Live for God. Do it with all you are.
Abandon this world for the one that is greater and is to come.

If Paul, who lost it all could be so full of joy, how we can not be? Let us embrace what truly matters, as he did (Phillippians 1:21).





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