Favorite Preschool Fun!

    My daughter is four and has been watching her brothers (6 and 10) do their “school work” each day.  She loves to watch and learn with them but recently she has been wanting her own “work” to do. Since we have a kindle fire that my husband rarely uses nowadays, we decided to use this for her “learning games” (and my boy have a couple goodies on there too!).   I am not much for learning via apps and screens and programs I admit; call me old fashioned I believe in books and museums and studying the old school way. But since not all of my kiddos embrace that style of learning….Momma needed to let it go and let them go just a bit….. Here’s what we have for fun!




Can I tell you how excited I was to see that there was a Reading Rainbow app? Who doesn’t have the fondest of memories of this great show? We didn’t have a television set when I was growing up but I remember seeing a few of these when visiting friends and family and at school too! My kids have access to hundreds of quality books, virtual field trips with host Lavar Burton, and are able to explore themed islands like the Animal Kingdom. We can track what our kids have been reading too and see how much time is spent in the books they are reading too. They also have a great section full of tips to help parents enjoy these adventures with their kids. Better yet? Its free  on iTunes and Amazon for Kindle Fire too! 






Who doesn’t love to doodle? This is one of my favorite apps – really al of my kids LOVE this one! his is one of my favorite toddler apps. You simply use your finger and draw anything you like. There are different colored “pens” and backgrounds to choose from. You can even watch a movie of your creation replaying your creation from beginning to end. Lots of fun and creativity to be had when Kids Doodle!






What’s a great way for little ones to learn? Draw and Learn!  This is another very fun way for your younger ones to learn how to draw alphabets, numbers, shapes, patterns and objects by tracing the dotted lines. Identify letters and numbers and shapes by bursting balloons or touching various floating objects. It even helps them to learn some of the most common words (e.g. A for apple).
My daughter has so much fun learning with puzzles and paints and coloring pictures on this one! Loads of fun for little ones!





We have a piano sized keyboard in our house. However we also have a small house so space is limited and we don’t keep this out al the time. So it was nice to find Kids Music Piano. This helps them learn colors and letters while also learning musical notes using different instruments (piano, guitar, xylophone and drums). Each key has a specific color and letter, so they learn while they play! I do wish there was more of a tutorial for playing songs but my daughter does enjoy making her own music too and she certainly gets a nice head start on learning piano this way.





DO you have a Princess in preschool? She will probably love Preschool Princess as much as my daughter does!  I admit its not my first choice but she looks forward to her activities on here and she is learning. Letters and numbers, colors and shapes and patterns. She sorts dresses and pairs shoes, she matches butterflies and fixes the rings. I have to say this is definitely worth getting!





Another favorite is “Mr Owl” as my kids refer to him (or maybe its a girl!) Only twelve games but they are games that the kids really enjoy! My son played this for a time when he was younger but has since moved on to the next “level” of these apps. This teaches a variety of material from nouns and verbs to spelling, addition, letters, memory games, counting.  There are various levels built in to each game too; there are one or two typos I have noticed (I try to let it go since m daughter cannot read anyway) and some of the stuff is a bit too repetitive for my taste, but it is helpful for encouraging little ones in their learning. Remembering some things just need to be repeated to be truly mastered. 🙂






Then there is our fabulous All in One Preschool Bubble Adventure Program.  My daughter and my son love this one! Its never ending fun (although I admit I need to keep the volume off or I might go mad hahaha). The little animal characters are just darling; my daughter loves animals so its very encouraging for her too. You are able to choose from uppercase or lowercase or capitalized words in  this as they explore and learn and play (these are the three modes offered in this app). Between the bubbles and all the animals this one is really a gem for any momma to use. Sure some of the things (fruits and vegetables) are a bit odd; I mean I am not sure they did the best with some of the images…But it makes learning exciting and fun for kids! Plus the way this is set up there is a relaxed feel to it all so there is no pressure or stress of beating a timer or anything. For little ones they can feel totally in control as they learn and explore!







We want to encourage a love of learning in our kids. Its so good to see that there are apps out there like these that encourage the same. My children are having so much fun, I don’t think they realize how much they are learning!



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