Worth it

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted. Maybe not a long while but long enough. It’s been my goal to be intentional about posting to this blog. So this morning I felt especially like the kind of stopped by because there’s been so much going on lately but I know God has His hand in.

I got to meet my cousin’s daughter for the first time this past Sunday. I got to meet my cousin’s daughter for the first time this past Sunday. My cousin lives in Florida but she reached out to me recently concerned about her daughter who has been desperately seeking God. Well I have never been close to my family since the Lord has come into my life it’s been something I have prayed about more and more. If there is a way to bring us all together. Somehow. So to me this is an exciting step in that direction. In fact she is even going to be learning, going through a Bible study. My first time teaching, so very thankful I still have a friend to help me. Besides Jesus never sent His disciples out on their own but in pairs. A reminder that we need one another.  

I have also been working as much as I can I’m getting a co-op started for a couple families in my church. And it looks like we will be having our first session in two weeks so I’m excited to see how the Lord will work through this. I decided to just begin with unit studies. Since we have quite the age range this way we can all come together for the same topic when we meet and then ideally craft and learn and write at whatever level the kids are most comfortable with. I want this to be something that encourages a love of learning.  Just praying for God to continue to direct our steps in this.

And in all of this I am a bit under the weather. What’s funny how these things happen. Initially I thought it was just awful that I’m getting sick right before teach my first Bible study and then as I’m in bed resting I realize this time being in bed and resting it can be used in prayer and studying His word as I will be leading this young lady, my cousin, through it. His plan is always so perfect. 


I think about all the reasons I have never been done to really reach out and teach. It’s that feeling of being so inadequate. It’s the Word of God. It’s amazing and deep and powerful. And there’s so much goodness to it. I mean, they were all just like you and me. Yes I did great things through them. I think of these people that we read about whenever we open the Bible, how huge and amazing they seem to be. To off and I think we forget but they are just as we are. It’s about whether or not you’re willing to be used. Are we willing to step out of our comfort zone and do whatever God asks of us? It’s not willing this, the heart, the humility to know that we can’t but God can. That is what sets us apart. And it is what makes every discomfort and every trial and every year and every fear so worth it!


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