Falling Away ….

So many seem to be falling away.  A couple lovely saints of God come to mind. So on fire for God and then suddenly….. it breaks my heart and I know it breaks Jesus heart too. 

It isn’t easy this life that we live. When we choose to live a life that is all for Jesus oh how hard it can be. And yet at the same time it shouldn’t ever be hard. That true that the Lord revealled to me, the thing that God opened my eyes to, those words are so precious. There isn’t anything I wouldn’t do for my Jesus!

Yes I think of those I know myself who have fallen away. I think of those who are trapped, in bondage to their sins and certain in their minds that there is no forgiveness and peace for them. It reminds me of how blessed I truly am. I remember to cherish these words, to hold tightly to the truth that I know.

Yes we must remember that we too can fall away. If we are not careful. If we do not honor and reverence the Word of God as we should. As I see people who were once so on fire for God now so obviously tormented. As I see those who are hungry for the truth you continually derailed and distracted in their search. I am reminded to hold tightly to his word. I am encouraged to reach out to those who are struggling.

I think of the money who do not have Jesus and I simply can’t imagine. I cannot fathom navigating this life without the Lord at my side. I see so many who fall so quickly when trials come their way and truly it breaks my heart. We must call on him for those who just don’t have the strength. We must reach out with our hands to catch them when we see them falling. Why do we wait so often for them to fall away completely before we reach for them?

We know that God’s Word is precious. We know that every word of it is true. And his book is full of all the the wisdom we ever need. Do we cherish it enough?


Let us reach out for those who are lost, for those who have fallen away. Let us love them more. I imagine the sorrow and the pain it must cause Jesus himself seeing his children who he loved so stumbling and falling. Without a hand to lift them up. We need to be that hand. We need to feel that burden. Because I do believe the time is short. Let us love them just as Jesus loves them.


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