Not My Way

I think I have said this at least 10 times this morning. Reminding myself, reminding my kids.

My oldest told me the other day that he only wants to do what will make me happy. Well I love his heart, we had to have a talk because the last thing I want him thinking is that it’s all about me and what I want.

Things definitely don’t go the way we want them to. Truthfully in my life, more often than not, things go the exact opposite of how I plans. Today is a perfect example. I had a conference call to be on this morning as well as h at with a gal in India. This was in reference to the international exchange program I work for and she was interested in being a part of. I also had homeschool materials to get together ( why didn’t I do this last night?) And a couple blog posts to write for some awesome products I have been so blessed to review with my family.

When we woke up to find that there was no internet and our house, that certainly changed how we were going to proceed with our day. And I admit when I let my husband know, I complain to tag. And then I remembered if not about me. Having a whole bunch of sick kids in the house too, perhaps it is a simple problem, but perhaps it’s also God’s Way of telling us all to just step aside. Just rest and enjoy.

Calls can be rescheduled. Work can be done tomorrow. But there’s something to be said for seeing my four kids all bundled up in bed together with a pile of books. There is something to be said for seeing the fort that they build using every blanket and pillow they can find in the house.

Today is a great example of how important it is to just let go. I admit that normally I would be freaking out about all the things on my to do list that I will not be able to do. Brian learning to relax. And trust God because isn’t it so true so that every moment and I live is planned, God already knows, And God approves. Whatever it is, it can only build us up and bring us closer.



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