Happy Mom Habits

Now and then it occurs to me that there is more to me than just being a mom. I am a wife. I am a homeschool mom. I am a teacher and a baker, and artists, a researcher, a scientist, a writer, a mentor…. there are so many hats that I wear. And I would be lying if I didn’t admit. This makes me one tired mama.

Being a keeper of the home and the momma too, this is an incredible blessing and yet also a great responsibility. While I know that God will equip me for this work because he has called me to this work, I still have to remember to care for myself too.

There needs to be a healthy balance though. There is life outside of the home school. As of late I am pondering, since we school year round and 10 to look at learning as being something that just happens every day, how do we keep a good and healthy balance?


Sleep is important! I keep telling my baby girl who is 10 months old now that she needs to get her sleep. I say this a lot to my other three children too. Am I getting enough sleep? I get plenty of coffee but sleep does seem to be something I love as of late. It doesn’t help that we have a baby that’s teething, it doesn’t help that my husband is an early riser and I am more of a night owl. And it doesn’t help that if I don’t get at least six or seven hours of sleep I feel just awful when I wake up.

I have been trying to cut down on the caffeine because I know it isn’t the best thing for me.  Since i am always telling my kids to drink plenty of water, shouldn’t I do the same? And what about those snacks? Are we taking in too much sugar and too many carbs ( how I do love those carbs) ?  I am taking time to reflect on what we are feeding our body. I know there are some things that need to change and I am slowly trying to incorporate changes into area.


Exercise is important too right? It’s easy to say but not so easy to do here in Wisconsin. Although yesterday my kids were all out on their bikes and my oldest on his ripstick. But for some time now it’s been too cold to go for walks. We used to have a treadmill and I have considered getting an exercise bike or perhaps a step machine for a house but at the same time the cost seems to grade and we don’t have a lot of space in our house to begin with. This is mainly why we don’t have a treadmill anymore.  Lol  needless to say even our little doggie is feeling restless and needing more exercise than he has been getting. There is an energy that we get from that fresh air and movement that we won’t get from anything else!


This year I have been striving to be more intentional in feeding my soul and my spirit too. I recently obtained a prayer partner, who was another mom, that I Vox with at least once a week to share struggles and prayer requests and just to pray and support one another in our job as mamas. We are just starting but I know this will be a great blessing to us both.

Seeing as I am the only avid reader in our household I am striving also to take the time to sit and read a good book. And this does not include my Bible. It’s time that I make to just enjoy something beautiful. At some point I plan to try some yard work as well. Perhaps to knit or crochet while I listen to some podcast that help to feed my soul and my mind.


And of course I strive to every morning when I awake grab my cup of coffee, sometimes T, and sit and pray. I read God’s Word and meditate upon it. I listen. When I am struggling, when I have a house full of sick kids or was it just seems impossible to complete tasks or organize the house, haven’t had my time with God at the very start of my day really makes a difference.  I also take the command to pray without ceasing very seriously and so I have Bibles in various rooms of our little house. And I like to post pretty pictures with scriptures about the house. Because you know when you’re cleaning up one more mass, there’s nothing better then to be reminded that we ought to do everything we do for the Lord.

We really do have to be intentional about supporting our body and our mind and our spirit. It doesn’t just happen. & I know there is so much but many of us feel we have to do each day but really we have to take some time for ourselves. It doesn’t have to be anything big and complicated.  Sometimes it’s that cup of tea well we just enjoy the silence for the birds outside.

It is such an amazing blessing to be able to be home keeping the home and training up our children to the Lord. If we want to be able to give it our all and to truly honor the Lord in all that we do, we need to be well cared for. When we are tired and restless, when we are sick, when we are distracted and overwhelmed we cannot truly experience the goodness of God. Nor can we show and share it with our families. God has called us to a most wonderful task, may we make sure that we keep ourselves always ready for these good things the Lord has for us.


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