Faint Not!

Today is Wednesday. I am already worn out.

Monday we got hit with a terrible flu virus in our house. So no one really got any sleep that night because our poor daughter was up throwing up and with a terrible fever. But continue through to the next day. Now that she is feeling better my younger son seems to be coming down with the same thing. Sleepless nights and days where my to do list is only getting longer.

I haven’t really done much school Thursday of this week. We have found some good learning videos to watch and some games to play. My oldest son has used his time off to research fish and to do some fun art and science projects he has been wanting to complete for some time now. This is a great time for reading aloud since they all are laying about resting.

Still I have to keep my mind on the right place in all of this. Cleaning up beds and pillows and floors and rinsing out buckets that the kids have thrown up in, it’s not fun and it does get old. I have to remember and intentionally find in all of this that I find so mundane, blessings from God. Because these little ones, they are blessings. 

In the midst of a most frustrating morning for me, prayer and Bible reading time cut short, I received a call from a woman I work with through the international exchange program. I knew that this position when it was presented to me some time ago was of God for so many reasons. One reason was that she and I have an amazing evangelist friend in common. The other reason was that the money the program was offering was exactly the amount my husband and I needed to make things work better financially.

Suffice to say in the midst of my over tired, ready to cry because I just needed more time with the Lord, and I knew that the day was going to be a challenging one, this phone call with such a blessing. She had called to find out if I have someone to work in the Appleton area. She had a number of families out there who are interested in hosting exchange student and before she passed the man she wanted to confirm but we can do this. Of course I don’t have anyone in Appleton but I do know people in that area and certainly desire to have some placements there. But the conversation moved on from this to the value of international exchange as a form of missionary work. She and I spoke for some time about the students with hosted, the students we have supervised who were here with other families, and especially the work we have seen God do in so many of these youth.  We went on to share how valuable it is to have a good strong relationship with host families and students, and especially with God. If we want to do this work, if we wanted to make a difference for these children and the families and even the schools we need to have a strong and sure walk with the Lord.

While my family doesnt host anymore, mostly because we just don’t have the room, we certainly do love reaching out to these youth. The many exchange students who have become a part of our family in one way or another, we love them all.  We love how they all were so eager to learn not just about God but about the world that they were in. I count them all great blessings!

Sometimes we have to look back, we have to see what the Lord has done. Perhaps you’re wondering what that story has to do with sick children and puke buckets and scrubbing stains in the carpet. If you are, let me assure you that they go together beautifully. These moments where we’re doing work that we think doesn’t matter, dishes and laundry again and again, these things how to make a home something that gives life. These things are simple little reminders of all that God has blessed us with.

As I talked with my friend I was inspired again. I could feel the Spirit of God so strongly breathing life back into my tired bones. Just as my children will laying there tired and sick, all those little things that I did caring for them, they were away for God to breathe life into their little bodies. It all matters. And how we perceive all that we do, that matters too.

Today let us determine no matter how mundane, how dull and off all the tasks that are before us may seem to be, let us do them rejoicing and giving thanks to the Lord. ♡



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