Blogging Through the Alphabet — Week Seventeen (Letter Q)

This is Week 17 of this series, so everyone is sharing posts themed about the letter “Q”.  Because I often am seeking after it, and it is something I need to intentionally make just a bit ore of, I am blogging this week about the beauty and value of quiet.



As a mom of four, it can be hard to have quiet time. Harder yet to have meaningful quiet time, when I have any quiet time!




The Bible says: “Be still, and know that I am God.” (Psalm 46:10) This is a time to put all else aside; to focus on Him alone.

Easier said than done when we have little ones right?

I know my littlest ones (okay, even my oldest) seem to wake full of energy, ready to take on the day. And it doesn’t matter how early I rise up. Its as if they just know I am awake. Within minutes they are downstairs. Sometimes rubbing the eyes, obviously needing to sleep a bit more, other times they are excited for the day and have much to say right away.


I read in a book by Jill Savage, Professionalizing Motherhood that we mothers need to stick to just one large and one small commitment at a time. A large commitment is something that requires weekly consistent time & effort (playgroup, co-op classes for us homeschoolers, etc). A small commitment is something that requires minimal time and effort. If we stick to one large and one small commitment, we should more easily be able to manage time with the Lord. Makes sense right?


I also like to keep Bibles, devotions, scriptures about the house. Can I meditate on His word while I am washing dishes? Listen to a sermon while I prepare meals?

How about daily time in HIs word? Certainly I prefer my Bible but some mornings my littlest one is awake and snuggly, so while we cuddle up I have am audio Bible that I can listen to while my baby girl and I enjoy some quiet time with the Lord together.


And worship music! We cannot forget how powerful worship music is. I love the old hymns; those songs that are basically the Word in song. We have many of them too (mostly to help our children learn scripture in a simple and fun way!).  This can play gently in the background while we read and study, or can be loud as we sing along and get some of those wiggles out!! ( okay, then it not quiet time really though Lol)



Regardless of whether our quiet time is quiet, or not so quiet, we need it.  We really do!!  SO let us continue to persevere. Truly this is a worthy goal!


For now my quiet time doesn’t always look so “quiet” but that’s okay! I know that this is a season, and it shall pass. I know that one day my children (now 10, 6, 4 and 10 months) will not be so small. They will be older, more independent. Quiet time will become something very different than what it is right now.  So for now I will embrace and thank Jesus for the time I am allowed.  It may be that early morning curled up with my kiddos on the couch listening to the Word. It may be a few minutes sitting with my Bible, silently meditating on a verse. Whatever and however “quiet” looks, I just know God is blessing it!


How about you? How do yo manage your quiet time?


Blessings my friends! ❤


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