Gone off the Grid

I am feeling a bit like we’re living off the grid this week.
Our internet is down. Which means our phone is down. Which means we are having the opportunity to experience as a family what life was like before all of this technology came along. I have to say I like this too! 

In fact this complete crash in our household couldn’t have come at a better time in my opinion. You see as a member of the schoolhouse Review Crew sometimes we get some really good stuff. Ok we always get really good stuff. But this time we have some really sweet materials we’re reviewing and well I don’t want to spoil the surprise since I will be blogging about them in the near future let’s just say the creativity that is required for using these materials, it’s really coming alive in my kids right now. Without television and video games it’s quiet and life is a lot more creative. I think being unplugged is so inspiring!

While my boys and even my husband have kind of struggled with our lack of connectivity it really is a blessing. In disguise. Its funny how you don’t realize how much comes at you each day and how quickly until suddenly your access to all of that is gone. I mean we never planned to be unplugged like this. But weather and whatever else has made it so that I can action cannot be maintained. My husband of course is working to resolve this but in the meantime I have realized how much easier it is to slow down and be intentional. With my children and with my home and with my husband even. It’s like a weight off of my shoulders.

I know but my inbox is filling up. I know but there are things I will need to respond to and manage and individuals I will need to reach out to with an apology because of my lack of connectivity right now. But even that, I don’t feel pressured. I don’t feel rushed and I certainly don’t feel the need to get ahead or the struggle to stay on top of it all. There’s just something about being unplugged that’s just relaxing and refreshing.

As much as I wish we could stay this way of course I know that we cannot. My husband and my boys are very tech savvy individuals. Polar opposites to my anti tech self.  They are counting down the time until they can be back online. And I understand that. My two boys are learning how to code and animate online, they are also taking a graphic design class. My husband is working to complete his MBA online. So as much as I would love to just be unplugged forever, it’s not realistic. There are so many joys and opportunities but I admit come only from being plugged in.

But in this time that we have been offline I have determined that when we are plugged in once again, we are going to control more the time and content. Especially for a boys. The joy that I have experience watching them play together and create together in this time but we have been unplugged, it’s been simply amazing. I opening too! So off and I wonder if anything that we’re doing is really working, if it’s making sense to them. And watching them build and create these stories and videos, it truly inspires me.

It reminds me to have faith.   It also reminds me to step back and show a bit more humility. There is so much that they are learning that I just don’t understand. There are ways that they are growing and experiences I am watching them share with one another but I can always thank the Lord for. I am reminded again and again that it’s not all about me. How I feel and what I think, it doesn’t matter as much as I think it does. So off and I put so much emphasis on my thoughts and my emotions and I forget that there is a purpose for all things my children are learning and doing. And I need to embrace that because truly I have seen that God is doing great things in their lives. And I have to step back because I just don’t want to get in His way.



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