History is a really big thing in our house.  We love all things related to history. And my oldest son, although a very reluctant reader, loves to listen to audio books. G.A. Henry has become one of his favorites recently! So we were definitely so excited to have the chance to review The Dragon and the Raven from Heirloom Audio Productions.  In the past we have reviewed a number of their audio dramas and can I say, we have never been disappointed? In fact, every one of them has been a huge hit in our family. This one did not let us down either. 🙂 For this review we received The Dragon and the Raven audio drama download, along with the CD set, and access to some downloadable bonus features which included the awesome study guide PDF and also MP3 versions of this production, and soundtrack. 






As you listen to this two hour long audio drama you will be be transported to the time of King Alfred; experience his battle and hear as he turns to God for help against the invaders. You will be on the edge of your seat as you listen to this tale; you will see and hear the power of God as they overcome their enemies and save the country.  It is exciting and full of surprises that the youngest and the oldest will just love! And you have a child who doesn’t love history, by the end of this story, they will!!!

This drama is about two hours long (but it certainly doesn’t feel that way). You may recognize some of the characters from the Lord of the Rings and Star Wars, Doctor Who and The Hobbit. Regardless this truly brings history to life! These characters are so full of enthusiasm and virtuous character.  Its a wonderful and meaningful time spent!












Along with The Dragon and the Raven itself, when you purchase the CD you also receive a digital copy along with a discussion guide and materials to study the story, going deeper into it all.  The study guide contains about 30 pages that are full of good things to help our kids (and us too!) listen well and think further.  We just love this study guide for all the great material that is provided, in addition to the story itself, to really help understand the time and characters in this story. Within the pages of the study guide we had the opportunity to locate some of these places from within the story, on a map. There are lists of words for our kids to learn, separated by each “chapter” of the story. One of my oldest son’s favorites parts within the guide was this:


The words on the jewel are: AELFRED MEC HEHT GEWYRCAN.

What do you suppose each means?

Have any of them survived into Modern English?


How fun is that? It even encouraged them to create their own jewel; this also contained a link so we could read more about the actual Alfred Jewel.  had no idea this even existed for real, before this story! So again I have to say, there is nothing that inspires and encourages a love of learning more than something like this, that we all learn something from, together.



We also really enjoy the soundtrack that was provided along with the story. While it plays, my boys like to battle it out with their swords and shields; nothing like feeling like they are right in the middle of a battle! And the professions of faith, the scripture thats woven within this story, its such a wonderful way for our children to learn how God is in the midst of all things.






We really enjoyed this! Again and again. We have taken this on a couple road trips now (even dusted off our other audio dramas from Heirloom Audio Productions) and every time, I love how excited my boys are. There is nothing that proves the quality of a tale than when our kids beg for us to let them listen to it “again and again”. This even inspired my oldest son to find a local class for sword fighting he and his brother are hoping to take together in the spring. I cannot recommend this enough; its so much more tan a story. It is a reminder of how important it is for us to stand for the Lord.  This also encourages our youth (can I say boys especially, is that alright?) to fight for those things that are true and good and right. IN a society where it seems more and more the lines are becoming erased, our children need to know these herose from the past. They need to see that there is great value, many blessings, in taking a stand!



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